World Series Live Feed: Giants Rangers Live Streaming Video!

November 1, 2010

Watch the World Series live on streaming video. The Giants Rangers live feed on the internet is apparently available at these links so people who do not have access to a television set are able to view the 2010 World Series on line via the internet stream. See the video below and enjoy the game.

Giants Rangers live

What time does the game begin? Tune in at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET. (Apparently the World Series first pitch begins officially at 4:57pm PT / 7:57pm ET)
What channel can you watch it on TV? Fox, whatever channel number is your local Fox station.

The San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers are 3 games to 1 in the best of seven games series. Clearly the Giants are heavily favored to win the World Series before Game 5 now, although they were underdogs before game 1. They only need to win one of the next three games while the Texas Rangers need to sweep all three remaining games.

So what is the score of the Giants Rangers game 5? Did San Francisco win the World Series game and take the series? Or did the Rangers pull off a desperate win so they can live for another day. See the live feed below and share your thoughts in the comments. Go Giants! Go Rangers! We’re impartial observers, technically, and anyone who roots for the underdog story will be glad to see either team win.

Truth be told I’m near San Francisco but unfortunately (for this year) a lifelong fan of the cross-bay A’s. We have four World Championships in the last 40 years while the Giants have absolutely zero since moving to San Francisco over 50 years ago. So if the Giants win the World Series they certainly have it coming to them.

But the same can be said for the poor Texas Rangers, who for most of their franchise history have languished near last place in the AL West standings. The years are few and far between when opportunities are presented for a Texas Rangers World Series championship, and their backs are to the wall this year thanks to some timely play by the Giants.

So here again is the World Series Live Feed, game 5 (and 6 if necessary) for your viewing pleasure as long as the feed from this internet source is working right. The feed is apparently set to go live at 4.30pm PT. I don’t know who is behind the atdhe network, but they have a lot of live broadcasts that are presumably licensed properly.

[Editor…. links removed when we learned that these sites might not be operating properly.]

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