October 2010 Quotes in Sports (Photos)

October 28, 2010

October has ended with it goes some of the most memorable quotes from our favorites athletes worldwide, Take a look back at what these amazing Sports celebrities said, when they said it and share your comments about your favorite or least one and see the photos that immortalized that moment forever.

One of the most important golf events in the world was the Ryder Cup, USA Team vs. UK Team met and with them the most beautiful Golf WAGS, USA team Captain was Corey Pavin, who even though the American lost the cup couldn’t hide how emotional and proud he felt for each member.

“I’m proud of what they did and how hard they fought all week. We win as a team, and lose as team”. Corey Pavin, Capt. US Ryder Cup Team 2010.

Sure we couldn’t leave behind the Ryder Cup Champions the European golfers who for four days gave the Americans something to worry about, lead by Colin Montgomery who when he was reading his acceptance speech, made a mistake.

“This is one of the finest Moment of my golf career.. no wait hang on…..This is the greatest moment of my golfing career” Colin Montgomery. Capt. UK Ryder Cup Team 201

Certainly like in every aspect of live Sports there are also great, bad and shameful moments, when David Beckham’s alleged affair was revealed there was also one man who said his wife had an affair with the famous British Soccer player, Sherry Shabani, a famous jewelry designer who has designed pieces for Posh and Becks and was accused by her hubby, on these allegations she said this:

There is absolutely no truth to the rumors regarding my relationship with David Beckham. I consider both David and Victoria friends and wish them all the best. Sherry Shabani

Another shameful Sports moment has to be Brett Favre’s alleged scandal with Jenn Sterger, when asked about some alleged private pictures and voice mails he said this:

“No. I’m not getting into that. I got my hands full with the Jets, and trying to get some timing down with our guys so that’s all I am going to discuss.” Brett Favre on his and Jenn Sterger’s alleged scandal.

And sure you can remember Tiger Woods’ Alleged Video with Devon James, how she was selling it to the best buyer, then her husband saying the tape was sold but one shocking news was revealed the guy who according to the James was Tiger was in fact a former MMA wrestler named Teneal Goyco who said he was paid to portray Woods in the infamous video.

“I had no idea she was going to set up a tape of Tiger Woods. I wanted to make some money – not ruin someone’s life, I thought the tape for just going to be for them personally.I didn’t know they were going to use it to make money. I was told to pretend I was Tiger Woods to fulfill her fantasy, so I did what I was asked.”

One of the most important news we saw was the Chilean miners trapped 700 M(2,300 feet) for two moths (69 days), one of these 32 Chilean miners was Franklin Lobos a former Soccer player for the Chilean National Soccer Team, when he was the 27th miner to be rescued, this was his statement.

“Yo no quería dar entrevistas a nadie, pero lo hago por la amistad, por el pueblo chileno, por todo un país y la masa deportiva que me estuvo apoyando. Le doy las gracias a todo el pueblo chileno. Fue algo que hay que vivirlo para tener que contarlo” ( English) ” I didn’t want to give any interviews to anyone, but I am doing it out of friendship, because all of Chile, for the entire country and the World of Sports that gave me their full support, this was something that you had ton live to be able to talk about it” Franklin Lobos Chilean miner and former soccer player (Midfielder).

Ines Sainz a beautiful Mexican Sports reporter for TV Azteca made headlines when she received some heated comments from the Jets while she was interviewing Mark Sanchez, the whole alleged harassment went viral, after that she received an offer to pose for Playboy which she rejected plus she also stated that she was never going into the lockers the rest of her life.

I’m not going into the locker rooms anymore. It’s not a good place right now for me. I don’t want to be in there. I need to wait one month to work again because I don’t want to be the focus. I’m not looking for that kind of publicity. It affects my career and development in the States.” Ines Sainz TV Azteca Reporter

UFC 121 was one of UFC’s biggest fights, their champion Brock Lesnar was fighting to keep his title against Cain Velasquez, who after 4 minutes and 12 seconds became the new UFC heavyweight champion.

“I think it’s a great story. I think, you know… just everything, the whole reason why I got into this sport is to be this guy, be the champ and I’m going to keep working hard to do that and, you know, make the people proud.” Cain Velasquez UFC heavyweight Champion

Drew Brees, a dear NFL quarterback announced his wife was expecting their second boy, they didn’t have a name decided yet, so he asked his Twitter followers for suggestions, after several suggestions and his baby boy was born he announced the name, well he didn’t say it more like he tweeted, but still Baby Boy Brees’ birth and name is considered an important sports event.

“It’s official. Brit finally gave in. Bowen Christopher Brees. Healthy, happy baby. Big hands, big feet. Brit is great. I am so proud” Drew Brees New Orleans Saints Quarterback.

One of the final Sports events in October is the World Series where the San Francisco Giants are playing against the Texas Rangers, on one specific day an NBC reporter Newy Scruggs was reporting from San Francisco, but when he said that some fans were smoking weed and continued to talk about it, it made Bay Area people very mad, this is the famous quote made by Mr. Scruggs.

“Right over there, there are some people smoking weed.” Newy Scruggs, Dallas NBC Reporter.

So far this is what we consider October’s top Celebrity quotes in Sports, Tell us which one you like the most and feel free to add any you can think of that we left out, the top three will be included in our October quotes in Sports story, so Good Luck!!

Photos: www.wenn.com

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