Yamel Guillen: SF Giants Jose Guillen’s Wife (Photos, Video)

October 31, 2010

Meet Yamel Guillen she is San Francisco Giants’ Jose Guillen’s beautiful wife, you won’t be seeing them at the World Series but you sure are hearing way too much about them and something concerning drugs. Keep reading to know more about this MLB WAG, her life, children, drug issues and more plus check out the photos and video below.

Yamel Guillen’s husband is the 34 year old outfielder from the Dominican Republic, former Pirate, Devil Rays, Diamondbacks, barely with the Colorado Rockies, Reds, Nationals, Mariners, Athletics, Angels, Royals and since this August, a neck injury will keep him away from the World Series, but not from a major investigation concerning a shipment of Growth hormone also known as HGH allegedly addressed to Yamel Guillen, For the second time of Yasmel’s hubby’s career he has been linked to HGH trouble and first time that her name is involved.

2002 was the year that Yamel’s hubby was investigated for the possession of HGH when he allegedly paid over $2,000 for it another purchase was done in 2003, once again this year their lives surround the investigation of their alleged purchase of HGH, apparently a shipment of the Human growth was allegedly sent to Yamel Ros Guillen, it is not sure how investigators found out or knew where to look for it but they intercepted the package containing four bottles of HGH with Yamel’s name on the delivery tag. They were the ones who knocked on Yamel’s door to deliver the package to her, but when she signed for it they quickly began a raid into her home.

There is not much information about Mrs. Guillen who might be 28 or 29 years old, but we do know that she is the proud mother of her two gorgeous boys Jose Jr. and Jose Manuel Guillen (we don’t know their ages, but her eldest is not older than four years old since he was with the Royals 2007-2010 when he was given permission to be with Yamel who was about to give birth to their first baby). She has been involved in her husband’s team’s charity events with other MLB WAGS like when she was part of the event with the Royals. See them here.

And you might remember Yamel back in May, 2006 when she was robbed and who at that time was not married to the famous baseball player? Well she was cashing one of her beau’s paychecks to send money to their families in the Dominican Republic when she was robbed, her attacker put what might seemed like a knife to her side and took her Louis Vuitton Bag already worth $200 with her cell phone, passport, $2000 already inside and an envelope containing about $10,000, she has not harmed. Check that out here.

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