Kimberly Awad West: Delonte West’s Wife (Photos, Video)

October 31, 2010

Kimberly Ashley Awad West aka Kimmie might be quite reserved but she still is one famous and beautiful NBA WAG, her hubby is Boston Celtic Delonte West. Find out all you need to know about Mrs West, her reaction about the alleged affair with Gloria James, troubled husband and so much more plus don’t miss the photos and video below.

Just last year we heard about Kimberly’s husband getting in some legal trouble with the police, he was pulled over by the police for reckless driving, just to find out that he was also carrying guns with an attempt to traffic them, he pleaded guilty to those charges, but what got us all curious is that the media said he walked out with his mother, uncle and Girlfriend…curiously didn’t he get married last year to his on/ off college sweetheart Kimmie? That woman was not Mrs. Awad, was she?

According to Kimberly’s father in law she was raised by a loving, caring family from New Jersey and after High school went to Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania Main Line, Pennsylvania where she met her soon to be hubby. Kimberly or Kimmie as her friends and family call her started dating him while both were still at college and kept on having an on/ off relationship until they got married last year. Check the newlyweds’ picture here.

According to reports Kimberly Awad became the new Mrs. Delonte West during last year’s 4th of July weekend when the happy couple with only his former Cavaliers’ teammate Mo and wife Keisha Williams joined them in Las Vegas where they got married. Just a few months after that news we heard once again that Kimberly called the Cleveland Police on October 25th, 2009 when allegedly her husband accused her of cheating on him after getting into a heated argument he grabbed her by her neck took her ring and purse, it is not clear what happened next, no charges were filed and Kimberly filed a domestic violence report and then flew to New Jersey where she stayed at her father’s house.

Is not clear either if they ended up divorcing or are just separated or who was he accusing her to be cheating with, some rumors that Kimberly was allegedly having an affair with LeBron James and because of that and as an act of revenge he became allegedly involved with Gloria James, this rumor was reported by FTRSports.

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