Halloween Candy & Food Allergies Warning!

October 30, 2010

As the big day approaches, beware of scary treats! To keep your kids (or yourselves) safe this year we have the annual report on Halloween candy & food allergies. Which ones should you avoid eating and/or passing out? The full story with more pictures and videos is below.

Halloween Candy  1

Six of the 8 most common allergens are present in different sweet treats given out while Trick-or-Treating. Therefore it is very important to check the ingredients on each item before it is eaten… or you can get a list here!

Obviously the most common and threatening Halloween candy food allergy is peanuts. The other ones that could be a problem are wheat or gluten, dairy, soy, egg and other nuts (like tree nuts). Some major items to look out for include Snickers bars which include almost all of those allergens. Twix bars, like in the photo above, also surprisingly may contain peanuts, but are free of tree nuts and eggs.

There are some items that have been found with none of the common ingredients that could cause a reaction. Such items are Scooby Doo! Fun Pops, but the packaging does warn that they are made in a facility that manufactures items with nuts. Also Airheads Pops & Whistle pops seem to be completely free of dangerous ingredients.

For a very comprehensive look into the sweets and their ingredients, be sure to check this site out. The percentage of children with digestive reactions to certain foods is increasing and therefore it is very important to not only try and avoid certain treats, but also to be ready in case an unsuspected reaction happens. You can try to only serve nut-free products and have your children select those items from others. It is also a good idea to bring wipes and an emergency medicine kit with you while Trick-or-Treating.

For the best and worst items to pass out or eat this year, be sure to check out this story.

All Hallows Eve can be a very fun time with costumes, parties and Halloween candy! Food allergies do complicate things, but there are many practical things you can do to make it through without a hitch. Be sure to check out the links above and research before so you and your loved ones will be safe. Leave me your comments or questions below after you enjoy these photos and videos. Happy Halloween!

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