World Series High on Weed Video went Viral (Photos)

October 26, 2010

The MLB World Series is a topic everyone is talking about, but that was about to change when Dallas NBC reporter Newy Scruggs was reporting the World Series and couldn’t stop talking about certain fans smoking Weed, that news and video went and still is a viral video and popular topic everywhere you look, so to get into that crazy news let’s check out all details about this World Series high on Weed news and check out some pictures and the viral video that got everyone talking and downloading like crazy.

The Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants are the teams that are disputing their place to become this year’s World Series Champions, but meanwhile the baseball players are giving their best, there were also some fans that were allegedly smoking marijuana or weed at the same time NBC Reporter Newy Scruggs was covering the World Series in San Francisco on Wednesday October 27th, 2010.

But what was it about this video that made it the viral video of the week, getting millions of downloads and the main topic in many people’s conversations? Well it was not just the fact that the fans were allegedly smoking weed, we can’t confirm that but the fact that but even though NBC reporter said that people in San Francisco are very nice and kind unlike New Yorkers, nobody appreciated the fact that Mr. Scruggs kept mentioning that people there didn’t care and they were just smoking their weed, what he thought to be a funny line got people in San Francisco very upset and uncomfortable and they said that after that everyone might think think of them as potheads.

Newy said that police didn’t do anything about it, his colleagues in Dallas laugh about the way he was talking about his line “right over there, there are some people smoking weed.” is becoming a trademark so don’t be surprised to see it written on a shirt but don’t expect to find it in the Bay Area.

Just like if Newy hadn’t done enough for San Francisco’s taste he came back a second time and said he found the weed rock where people were getting high and that if he remained in that location and started to act funny it would be pretty clear to everybody the reason.
Oh My! I smell trouble for Newy, Don’t you think? Do you think he went a little too far and found it to be offensive? Or do you think his comments were just funny? Check the famous World Series High on Weed viral videos that got everyone’s attention and the photos below.

NBC reporter Newy Scruggs talking about smoking weed Videos
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