Tall Men: Testicular Cancer More Likely By Height

October 29, 2010

Watch out tall men, testicular cancer is apparently more and more likely with every inch a man stands over the national average. At least that’s what an American study has discovered. Get the full story, photos and video below!

Tall Men  1

The researchers say there may be a link between growth hormone levels and the ailment. For every extra two inches in height above average, odds for contracting the disease go up by 13%.

Still, don’t panic just yet tall men. Testicular cancer is a relatively rare disease, and the researchers insist genetic disposition is a much larger contributing factor than height.

“Tall men should not be alarmed by this research since fewer than four in 100 testicular lumps are actually cancerous. But it is still important for men to be aware of any changes to the size and weight of their testicles and not delay seeing their GP if they are concerned. This is particularly true for young men as the disease is more common with under-35 year olds. The outlook for testicular cancer is also one of the best for all cancers – even after the disease has spread, patients can be cured.”

A few inches above the average height is no big deal, but the exceptionally tall might heed this warning and take some extra caution. For instance, the Ukraine’s Leonid Stadnyk, unofficially the tallest man in the world is 8ft 5 inches tall. At 31 inches over the national U.S. average, that gives him roughly a 200 percent greater chance of getting this disease! Just something to think about.

One question left unanswered was whether or not shorter men stood a lower risk of contracting this devastating disease for similar reasons. What do you think of this theory? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section after you check out the photos and video below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Seskim

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