David Beckham on Ellen’s Hidden Video (Photos)

October 28, 2010

David Beckham is Ellen Degeneres’ latest guest in another one of her usual and hilarious celebrity pranks except this time he is the one who totally punk’d someone. Check out her hidden camera featuring Becks, read about the story behind it, don’t miss the cool photos and have fun giving your comments.

Well, Well, Well it looks like our British Soccer player of the Galaxy has a very busy schedule, not only does he find time to rock the field with his soccer team, he manages to enjoy family time with his fabulous wife and gorgeous boys at Justin Bieber’s Concert, followed by the Lakers game also with his sons, but he also bared his chest behind Ellen’s hidden camera.

We already know all about the concert, basketball game and soccer match and now we are going to check David out in this way too funny Ellen hidden video story, so let’s begin!

Ellen happened to welcome on Tuesday on her show one of UK’s golden couples and I think it is only fair that David and Victoria Beckham also are one of Soccer’s favorite couples as well, separate they are a magnet for attention together they are like the best adrenaline rush for any paparazzi. Although they were together at Ellen it was David who got all the attention and no wonder about that when you have abs like his, you might remember the first time he was a guest on Ellen’s show he showed her his abs as well, see it here. But don’t think you won’t be seeing nothing about Posh who gets into an argument with her hubby on -live television, you can see that on our video below as well.

But this time it wasn’t David who was the victim in one of Ellen’s pranks like she has done with another celebrity guests, this time David teamed up with her (just like Dennis Quaid did we added that video too) to punk a masseuse who had no idea who was her next client, who was about to give her not just a close look at his perfect chest and abs but gave her a taste of what her wackiest client will be.

David who asked the poor lady here to call him Ricky because at that time he didn’t want to be David Beckham, but to disconnect, concentrate their energies and relax, wait energies?? What is he talking about?? Well we all know that he has a great sense of humor of his own, but nothing compared to Ellen who was telling David what to say from an audio device in his ear.

Starting with the weird meditation noises, the no thumbs request, humming near the muscle thing, telling her about his baby peaches skin, singing the Happy Birthday song until finally telling her about the hidden camera I have to say that this was so,so, so, so, so, so, so, so, funny and one of the best hidden video pranks so far, Well Done!! Wait a second did we feel a thumb? Just kidding!!

Share you comments with us abut this story and tell us what was the best hidden video prank you have ever seen or done or been a victim of? But don’t forget to check out the photos and David Beckham hidden video and Ellen’s interview with the fab soccer star below.

Dennis Quaid on Ellen prank Video

David Beckham hidden video on Ellen

David and Victoria arguing on Ellen Video
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