Celebrity Lakers Fans Photos (Video)

October 27, 2010

The Los Angeles Lakers had a very emotional night on October 26th, they got their rings, said a few kind words about their teammates, won their opening game and had their top celebrities fans in the stands to cheer for them, not such a bad star for the Lakers, Check out what celebrities were at last night game, their regular celebrity fans, new ones, teen celebrity fans like Justin Bieber, Jayden Smith and the Beckham Boys plus check out the photos, video and share all your comments with us.

The air at the Lakers’ opening night was a mix of emotions, joy, laughter, nostalgia and excitement, not just from the players but the 19,000 fans at the Staples Center added the special touch to the night add to that the fab touch of their Celebrity fans sitting courtside. The night began to the beat of Jay- Z’s Run this Town and tons of the best moves from our dear Lakers going on the HD screen followed by the championship rings ceremony which I have to add that a piece of leather from the ball they used in their game 7 was added to the 16K gold ring with huge white diamonds (16 certainly), Nice touch!!

NBA commissioner David Stern was joined by Lakers executive vice-president of business operations Jeanie Buss when the ceremony began, followed by the introduction of staff members who were received with applause from the fans, who applauded harder when it was Phil Jackson’s turn to receive his ring, he later called Luke Walton not such a hit with the fans I gotta say but he did say good things about Lamar Odom whose fab wife Khloe Kardashian was taking pictures and smiling proudly. Lamar called his friend Artest who he has known since they were 12. Ron called Andrew Bynum who called Pau Gasol who also got great words from Andrew who gave him a lot of credit for his great performances ever since he got on the team. Next came Maria Sharapova’s soon to be hubby Sasha Vujacic who called Shannon Brown and he called Derek Fisher and Derek called Kobe Bryant, now Kobe was here and he was welcomed by Jack Nicholson who is the Lakers Number one Celebrity Fan, fans applauded and then it was Kobe who he called “The Man” the greatest boss and who started it all, Lakers’ Boss Jerry Buss, whose daughter couldn’t hold back the tears to see her father. Once they were all together another exciting moment came when the 16th championship banner was unveiled, putting the Lakers just two championships behind the Kings.

So now that we reviewed that emotional moment let’s take a look at the Celebrity fans who were cheering for the Lakers, certainly and like we already mentioned before Mr. Jack Nicholson is and forever will be “The Number one Celebrity Fan”, Leonardo DiCaprio is another great Celebrity fan at this time he was spotted sitting next to Kevin Connelly although judging by Leo’s face I don’t think Kev was telling him a very interesting story check them out here, David Beckham and his sons Brooklyn, Romero and Cruz are becoming regular fans ever since they arrived in L.A, Denzel Washington another familiar face and the new and very young celebrity fans we saw were Justin Bieber and Jayden Smith who got the attention of the Lakers Girls and David Beckham who just the night before was with Victoria and their children at J.B’s concert. Check them out here. Now JB was kind of spoiled at the game not only did he get to throw a few hoops, he got the chance to wear Phil Jackson’s championship ring, see that one here. Michael Streger from Beverly Hills 90210 was there another new and very attractive face to see at the Lakers game was Shaunie O’Neal, that’s right Shaquille’s still wife.

What celebrity Laker Fan did you like the most? Who do you think was missing last night? Who was that staff member who was awkwardly skipped last night? Check our Celebrity Laker fans photos and videos below.

Celebrities at Lakers Game Video
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