Brett Favre Admits to Jenn Sterger Voicemails! (Audio)

October 26, 2010

Though he denied sending Sterger inappropriate photos, now Brett Favre admits to leaving Jenn voicemails! A few weeks ago the news broke about the possible scandal with these two from a couple years go, but we finally hear some truth to it! Want all the juicy details? Keep reading below for more pictures, videos of the messages and the full story.

Brett Favre  3 Jenn Sterger  2

As the photo shows, you can see what the athlete was attracted to! Soon after we heard about this drama, the investigation seemed to be sort of halted when no one would comment, but now that the quarterback had to speak with NFL officials, details emerge!

As part of the league’s personal conduct policy, any player suspected of violating it must speak with an official about the incident. Last Tuesday while talking to the vice president of security, Milt Ahlerich, Brett Favre admits to leaving the sports reporter the voicemails in question. Jenn Sterger and a few other women were also believed to have received a revealing picture or two, but the athlete did not confirm this fact.

The busty brunette has not decided yet whether or not she will cooperate with the NFL and still has not come in to talk. I thought when that happened that this whole possible scandal would go away. However now that the football star has confessed to part of the actions, he may face some serious career consequences.

Other than that it seems that his wife Deanna is having a hard time dealing with the behaviors of her husband of 14 years. They have two children together and one grandchild. Their marriage has definitely had tough times before, and I wonder what toll this will take.

Well, I sure was hoping this story was made up originally, but as Brett Favre admits to voicemails left for Jenn Sterger, at least some of it did happen. What do you think will come of his career and marriage now that he has confessed? Be sure to tell me your thoughts after you check out these photos and video of the messages.

Brett Favre  1 Brett Favre  2 Brett Favre  3 Brett Favre  4 Jenn Sterger  1 Jenn Sterger  2

Photos: James, Apega, PNP, Benjamin Solomon, Aaron D. Settipane

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