Jennifer Mee: Hiccup Girl Biography (Photos, Video)

October 25, 2010

Have you met Jennifer Mee? Of Course you have she is the girl whose hiccups wouldn’t stop for five whole weeks back in 2007, she is also the girl who was involved in murdering 22 year old Shannon Griffin, today she was charged with first degree murder? Is she getting the death sentence? Was she previously arrested? Who was her boyfriend? Keep reading to know more about Jennifer, her life, hiccups episode, arrest and more from her biography below plus don’t miss the photos and video after the jump.

Jennifer Mee

Jennifer Ann Mee was just a normal fifteen year old teenage girl from St. Petersburg, Florida who back on January 23rd, 2007 became quite popular all over the nation for her uncomfortable and painful hiccups episode that for 5 long weeks tortured her life, kept her away from school at Northeast High School when in one minute Jennifer hiccuped a total of 50 times, people all over wrote her letters with millions of suggestions, medicines, and home remedies to stop them.

On February 27, 2007 almost 5 weeks after the hiccups started we found out that apparently her hiccup situation ended out of nothing, some said that after trying over and over again several things including looking for help from a acupuncturist, chiropractor and even a hypnotist they stopped, but in June her mother Rachel Robidoux called the St. Petersburg Police department to inform them that after 11 hours Jennifer was last seen and now she was missing, apparently a case of a runaway from home was suspected.

At that time Jennifer Mee was last seen by her sister at a park in North St. Petersburg, they told media that the hiccups nightmare during those months haunted the 15 year old girl’s life and reappeared a month ago, even though she was using an ear device with the purpose to help her relax her nerves and keep the hiccups from coming back. When Mee had her first hiccup episode media, newspapers all over the Nation invited her into their lenses, but after a while the so-called publicity became almost as annoying as her hiccups, which add to the recurrence of the hiccups was the probable cause of Jennifer’s decision to runaway from home.

But according to Jennifer’s stepfather Chris Robidoux that was not the case and the hiccups did not reappear as they were before but sporadically, he said the cause for his stepdaughter to run away was due to her cell phone getting disconnected as a punishment she received over some alleged MySpace trouble. She was found a day earlier crying on a bench, her mother didn’t say anything about her phone getting disconnected as a punishment but they didn’t pay the phone bill, although she did mention that after the whole hiccup on/off issue her daughter’s personality change, she was already getting a bit rebellious before the hiccups (that some said is Tourette’s syndrome), but it got worse withing the next months.

“She is periodically hiccuping. She’s still on some medicine,” Robidoux said. “She’s really changed a lot, her personality, and part of it is because she was on national TV and brain medicines. She comes and goes as she pleases. I am very close with Jennifer. That’s why this is really bothering me. I have always tried to be her friend and her mother … I wanted her to feel like she can talk to me about whatever she wanted to talk about.”

A year later Jennifer who was still suffering from occasional hiccups was at her school doing her FCAT or Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, but her hiccups caused her to get kicked out of the classroom, but not only did she leave the classroom she also left the school for good since that day. She was not living with her mother and her husband instead Mee was allegedly living at an apartment building owned by Art DeCosmo and who kicked her out for the second time early this month due to the friends that hang out in the building who seemed to be allegedly dealing drugs plus she used to play the music in her apartment too loud disturbing her neighbors, the first time she was kicked out of her apartment was due to her troubled boyfriend Reggie who is currently in jail and who sold some guys in a marijuana bust.

“That’s where we had our problems. She seemed like she hung out with problem people. You are who your friends are. Mr. DeCosmo said.

She was now living at the apartment building owned by Ned Nather located at 610 Fifth Ave. N., where the other suspects also lived, Mr. Nather said that Jennifer always paid her and hers mother’s rent he added that she had a job but didn’t know exactly where or what she did.

Born on July, 1991 in St. Petersburg now 19 to Mike Mee and Rachel Robidoux, Jennifer Mee made headlines once again, but this time the world was not offering her any help or their sympathy. Jennifer was the youngest of the suspects charged for the murder of Shannon A. Griffin who on October 23rd was found dead he had been shot three times in the upper body (2 shots in the chest one in the shoulder) with a 38-caliber revolver according to latest reports the shooting took place when Jennifer was leaving the apartment. He was pronounced dead at the scene, Griffin was 22 years old. Griffin’s brother said that he and Mee met through a social network in the internet, it was how they also planned to meet.

In a statement given by Sgt. T.A. Skinner, of St. Petersburg Police Jennifer allegedly lured the victim at about 10:30 p.m to an apartment located at 511 Seventh St. N, Raiford where the other two suspects were waiting to robbed him, it might have been that some struggle took part followed by the shooting. Jennifer Mee (19), Laron Raiford (20), and Lamont Newton (22) are the ones responsible for Griffin’s murder, a case of what it seemed like a robbery gone bad.

All of them have admitted their involvement in the crime and are being charged with first degree murder, there is no confirmation on who pulled the trigger or if Ms. Mee has an attorney, her mother’s phone has been disconnected. She is being held without bail since early this morning, she will have her 1st of many court appearances at Piniellas County Jail and will be at the Pinellas Criminal Courts Complex in Largo Monday October 25th at 1:30 p.m, if found guilty she could be sentenced to death.

Her mother said she was shocked when she heard the news and is 100% sure her daughter knew what was about to happen, she added that Jennifer has never been arrested, but the notoriety after the whole hiccup thing put her under the radar not just of good people but also bad ones.

But according to reports Jennifer and the other two young men were previously allegedly involved in some legal trouble. In 2008 Newton was charged with trespassing, charges on him were later dropped, last year Jennifer was was sued for eviction last year from an apartment in St. Petersburg and this May Raiford was charged with domestic violence.

Friends who knew her since childhood were also shocked about her arrest and described her as a very nice girl, her Myspace profile in the other hand showed a very different person to the one they talked about from the way she wrote on her wall to the pictures where she has pictures showing her pierced tongue others smoking and labeled that she was high as *&$#, other you can see lots of money and two pictures of two African Americans who hold criminal records. She last logged on October 24th, 2010.

On November 12, it was reported that her hiccups have returned, she is taking medication in jail where she will stay after judge Donald Horrox denied bail. Her parents said they could control her, but the judge said that reports proved that they have not been able to do so in the past for that reason he thought she was safer behind bars. Her mother was at the Today show, her interview in on one of the videos below.

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Jennifer Mee hiccups Video

Jennifer Mee Charged for Murder – News Video

No Bail for Jennife Mee’s and mother interview video
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