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October 19, 2010

The UFC is an event that has gained attention over the years, today it has become one of the most anticipated sports events mostly because of the awesome fighters but who can deny the UFC ring girls are just phenomenal and without them it wouldn’t be the same? Nobody can argue with that, so since these ladies are so unbelievably beautiful and bring so much to the UFC we have come to a list of the most popular, stunning and memorable UFC Ring Girls all around, get ready for the ride of your life with their photos and amazing video after the jump.

Arianny Celeste
Arianny Celeste 1

Starting our UFC ring girl list with Arianny Celeste, this 24 year old beauty was born in Las Vegas on November 12, 1985. She has been a UFC ring girl since 2006 and has been on the cover and inside the pages of many popular magazines like Maxim, Sports Illustrated and recently in the November Issue of Hugh Hefner’s PB magazine.

Rachelle Leah
Rachelle Leah 1 2 3

Rachelle Leah started her UFC ring girl days when she was just 19 years old, born in San Diego, California on August 27, 1984. She has been a Ford Motors model and acted along side Chuck Liddell in the movie Vegas Baby, has appeared in several radio and television show, tons of Magazine including Maxim, PB Magazine, Muscle and Fitness and Men’s Fitness among others, she took a break from the UFC for a while but made her comeback this March.

Chandella Powell

Chandella Powell. The newest of the current UFC Ring girls she just started last Christmas with the UFC replacing Natasha Wicks and Logan Stanton, Chandella used to be a PB bunny at the Mr. Hefner’s club and casino.

Logan Stanton
Logan Stanton 1 2

Logan Stanton is the 22 year old model from Niceville, Florida who wore the skimpy ring girl outfits at the UFC from 2008 to 2009. Her first UFC ring girl experience came during the Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin fight at UFC 92 in December 2008. She once said that she was upset when she got a phone call during a photoshoot that informed her the UFC decided to let her go something that many consider to be very unprofessional from the UFC, but that is all in her past. Now she is a model for Guess and Roxy.

Natasha Wicks

Natasha Wicks, another 25 year old Las Vegas Native and one of the few UFC blond ring girls. She is a former cross country athlete from college and a bunny at the famous magazine club and casino. Natasha made her debut as an octagon in December 2008 when her role as a ring girl was first announced at UFC 100 by replacing Edith Labelle. She can also be found on the covers of many wrestling and PB magazines.

Amber Nichole Miller

Amber Nichole Miller born in Denver, Colorado on December 5, 1977. Her modeling career started when she was just a little girl and joined the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club. After her departure from the UFC some rumors about her not getting along with Leah were heard, but soon that was in the past when fans continued to see her acting in small roles in many movies like 21, Rush Hour, Ocean’s Eleven and television shows. She is also a model for Xyience. She made her debut at the UFC as a ring girl during UFC 40 in November 2002.

Anne Rivera
Anne Rivera

Anne Rivera. 28 year old Anne is from Denver, Colorado. Anne is also known as Annie Bear even though she is no longer a UFC ring Girl, she started in October, 2006 during UFC 64 and left right after UFC 81 in December 2008. Anne is currently a model for UFC/Mickey’s Malt Liquor.

Edith Labelle
Edith Labelle

Edith Labelle from Quebec, Canada made her debut as a UFC ring girl in November 2007 at UFC 78. A alleged hangover from Edith was supposedly the reason the UFC replaced her with Natasha Wicks in 2008, but she spoke later and said that she was actually sick. Check that out here.

Ali Sonoma

Ali Sonoma another 24 year old blond beauty is a Miami Beach resident, but a St. Louis, MO native. Her passion for acting made this beautiful Former UFC ring girl leave the octagon in 2007. She was replaced by Edith Labelle. At that time she used to date and even got engaged to UFC 121 welterweight champion Diego Sanchez.

Well they are all very beautiful, but as usual I have to ask you to choose your favorite former UFC ring girl and current one, leave us all your comments below and enjoy these UFC Ring Girl tribute videos.

UFC Ring Girls Videos

Photos: Paul Jacobs, RK, Judy Eddy

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