Michelle Borquez: MMA Cain Velasquez’s Girlfriend (photos, Video)

October 23, 2010

Meet MMA fighter Cain Velasquez’s beautiful girlfriend Michelle Borquez who also happened to be his fiancé and mother of her baby daughter. She has been a constant support in his life, his biggest fan and friend, but there is little that we know about Michelle, where is she from? When did they get engaged? When did they welcome a daughter? When will they get married? Check out all the answers to our questions in our story and just to clarify the girls in these pictures are not Michelle but you can see her pictures in the great links in our story plus don’t miss the video after the jump.

Michelle Borquez’s boyfriend is the 28 year old MMA fighter from Mexico, his first UFC fight was at UFC 83 on April 19th, 2008 where he defeated Brad Morris, then Denis Stojnić from Bornia (UFC 17), followed by UFC 99 where he pinned down Check Kongo. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was done when he finished his fight at UFC 110, but his most important fight comes on October 23rd, 2010 when he is fighting for the Heavyweight title against none other than the heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Maybe Michelle will be there or maybe she is staying at home with her beautiful baby daughter either way for sure she will be cheering for her beau. So let’s see what we found out about Ms. Borquez.

Michelle will anxiously be hoping for this fight to come and go by soon, probably the same thought any wife or girlfriend has every time a fight is coming, they want to see them win, but at the same time don’t want to see them hurt, unfortunately in this sports pain is a must, maybe that reminded her of that certain time on February 23rd, 2010 during a walk on the Aussie beach locals know as Bondy Beach in Sidney, Australia where these two love birds while walking on the sand that her beau got on his knees supposedly in pain, but with a smile on his face, Oh My proposing time!!!!

”I wanted to catch her off-guard,” he said, ”so as we were walking along the beach I went down as though I’d hurt my ankle. She didn’t know what was going on, then I got serious and started saying some words, that I love her and want to raise a family with her. That’s how I proposed.”

Soon after Michelle commented on what she really thought about his proposal.

”I was laughing the whole time,” she said. ”He was acting a little weird when we went for our walk. When he went down he said, ‘My foot, my foot’, but he had this big smile on his face. Then he started getting all serious and proposing, but he didn’t give any time – when you say a joke you normally let the person laugh a little bit. There was no gap.”

Well we girls know that guys are not really the best on faking an injury and then when they really are we think they want to get away from a chore we told them to do, but that is the least thing they want to do. Still it was one of the most romantic and funny walks on the beach, soon we will be hearing about Michelle Velásquez nee Borquez, there is no confirmation on their special day or any additional information concerning location, dress, etc but hopefully very soon we will be hearing all of the juicy details on this fantastic MMA wedding.

It was during an interview last May when Michelle had already given birth to her gorgeous daughter and that the proud papa shared his thoughts about welcoming their first child together and since she was so close to giving birth they already knew the baby was going to be a girl. The baby girl was born Coral Love Velasquez on May 6, 2009, what a gorgeous name, Love it!!

Michelle, like any other MMA WAG is proud of her boyfriend/ fiancée, whose presence might seem so intimidating, turns out to be quite a shy guy. In fact when Michelle went on their first date together, she did all the talking and when it comes to seeing her daughter and daddy play together it just melts your heart.

Michelle’s profile was hard to find aside from her life with her fab wrestler and lovely Coral Love there is nothing, but if you do know something please give us a hand, we’ll forever be grateful to you – we’d just like to hear your comments about this story, but don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

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2 Responses to “Michelle Borquez: MMA Cain Velasquez’s Girlfriend (photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Td Says:

    He’s not from Mexico . He’s from salinas , California .

  2. 2
    jo Says:


    Yes. But, he is Mexican.