Katie and Christiane: MMA Candy Girls at UFC 121 (photos, Video)

October 23, 2010

UFC 121 is coming up and as usual fans are not just anxious to see the favorite MMA wrestlers beat each other, but also see the stunning UFC Octagon Girls in the ultra hot outfits, but the UFC has two new MMA vixens and they are Candy Girls Christiane and Katie. Keep reading to know what their role at UFC 121 is, their lives and so much more plus don’t miss the photos on theses utterly beautiful MMA girls, none of them are Katie or Christiane, but you can see them in out great links in our story and the video of these amazing ladies after the jump.

Last UFC 119 we saw a new hot UFC ring girl, Brittany Ward she was there just for the weekend after she won a contest at Trans World Surf. At UFC 121 we will have not just one beautiful girl but two, blond and brunette who woulds you choose as the hotter?, let’s meet them.

We thought that the first time these spectacular MMA lovers gave their predictions video was at UFC120, but they also did it at UFC 119 and had been doing it for a while well at least Katie who back in June was giving her predictions with another – Candy Girl Jennifer. Christiane is the ultra hot brunette who we first got the opportunity to see at UFC 120 she trains mixed martial arts in South Florida. Her favorite wrestlers are George St. Pierre, JZ Cavalante and Jorge Santiano. And now our blond ambition Katie, like Christiane, she trains in South Florida and her favorite fighters are Clay Guida, Urijah Fader and Georges St. Pierre. These beauties have a lot in common, more than just their passion over broadcasting and MMA both love many of the brands MMA wrestlers use all the time which is not surprising and their status as MMA girls.

When we first saw then giving their predictions about UFC 120 and their famous lines “That’s right Christiane”, “I agree with you Katie”, and Now Tell us what you think become a fan…. these really were not particularly rare, but they were once again in their UFC 121 predictions video along with way too stiff smiles and winks ( which I guess didn’t even matter since they both are insanely hot) and don’t get me wrong here they both looked amazingly beautiful, but a bit nervous and they really did a great. So at the great event on Saturday the 23rd directly from the Oracle Area in Oakland California we will have a chance to see them in a new role. Now I wonder how these babes would do as Ring Girls at UFC 121? Be sure you don’t miss them in the second round where they will be joining our smoking hot regular UFC octagon girls.

What do you think about Katie and Christiana? Who did you like the most? What do you think of their videos? Be sure you share your thoughts with us and check the photos and their videos below.

MMA Candy Girls Christiane and Katie Video
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