Figure-Control Underwear: All The Hidden Secrets To Controlling Your Shape

October 22, 2010

It is something we want to keep secret! But now figure-control underwear and control top pantyhose are not the only way to makes our bodies smoother. That’s right there are lines of clothing that help hide those pounds! Keep reading for more on this prized information, with more photos and videos.

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Is she wearing the magic tights in that picture? Sometimes you can work out, but you still need a little help in the midsection or with smoothing things out. Until pretty recently you could buy the hidden items, but now you can buy some interesting outerwear that gives you a little help as well.

Let me tell you about some of the neat items on the market right now, other than the figure-control underwear or control top pantyhose. There are these pants made by FILA that are supposed to not only slim you but use compression technology to help your muscles work harder.

Kiya Knight, a fitness instructor says “I could jump higher, run faster, and stretch deeper.” They also hide “every lump, bump and imperfection.”

This makes me think of the shoes that are made specifically to tone your legs and bun while you walk around. There is also a brand of jeans that suck you in and have visual effects that make you look thinner, hence the company name Skinny Jeans.

And if that isn’t enough there is a variation on the control top pantyhose. Lisse makes a pair of hose that have legging material at the top which flattened any questionable areas. I have also seen some shirts from other companies that tuck you in and flatter your chest.

Hey we all need a little secret help, so does Jessica Alba. How exciting is this? We could look fit while we go to the gym in our FILA pants. We can wear a cute top and Skinny Jeans when we hang out with friends. And then wear our tights with a skirt and no one would know what’s really going on! The days of only having figure-control underwear are gone!

What do you think of all the new options available? Check out more on these items, with a photo and prices, here. Be sure to leave me your thoughts after you check out these pictures of more celebrities who might be wearing shape wear and this video.

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Photos: Toby

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