TNX Maxine: Rookie Diva Biography (Photos, Video)

October 23, 2010

Meet TNX rookie Diva Maxine, she has been mentored by Alicia Fox and this beauty is coming to dominate them all, but what more do we know about Maxine? Does she have a boyfriend? What has she been doing before the WWE? Keep reading to know about her from her biography below. These Divas are not Maxine but you can check out the other Divas photos and Maxine video after the jump.

Most of us never thought that a girl like Maxine could be a wrestler, like most of them she looks delicate, stunning, wild but can’t just picture these beauties breaking their nails in the ring, but they actually do and they are all fantastic wrestlers, Maxine has been in the world of professional wrestling for quite some time and her name hasn’t always been Maxine, there was also a time when she was known as Liviana and before that most people knew her simply as Karlee Leilani Perez.

Karlee Leilani Perez is actually the name she was born with in Tampa, Florida on April 19, 1986 making this her age of 24 years old. Maxine or Karlee’s looks and exotic beauty are considered by many as a result from her Mexican, Chinese, Cuban and even Italian heritage. She first started professional wrestling under the ring name Candy Girl at the FCW Florida Championships Wrestlers managing Sweet Papi Sanchez, but after Papi left she became known as Liviana.

As Liviana her ambition grew as she managed to paired up with any wrestlers who was the most popular at the time disposing them as their fame faded away but not hers, it was her attitude that sent her into the role as FWC General Manager. But if fame can take you really high, a wrong decision can send you to the bottom just as easy, which is what Maxine experienced when on June 14th, 2009 at about 1:10 a.m she was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence in Tampa, Florida. She was arrested and released after a $500 bail was paid all charges were dropped after she asked for a jury trial and luckily her future as a wrestler was not in jeopardy as she got ready to her next ring name and audience. But you can check her mugshot here.

She made her NXT debut on September 7, 2010 as a one of the six rookie divas in the third season of NXT Rookie Diva Challenge where she made her debut mentored by Alicia Fox, so far Maxine holds 3 losses and just one victory that came when she defeated Kaitlyn on October 20th in a match that many consider the worst fight they have seen with wrestlers that don’t have the experience or knowledge that it takes to be at the WWE, Maxine responded to this criticism on her Twitter account. All this makes us wonder if Maxine will be the next Rookie Diva to get her beautiful derrière out of there? What do you think? Check the photos and video below.

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One Response to “TNX Maxine: Rookie Diva Biography (Photos, Video)”

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    HeelMe Says:

    Maxine’s had such great progress and matches with the more experienced Divas, like, Naomi and A.J.,
    However Kaitlyn being new to a ring (only 2 weeks before coming to NXT) would be a challenge for anyone to work with in a ring! What could she possibly know about wrestling in 2 weeks!?
    Look what happened, she zoned out and tried “making up” her own moves…nothing made sense, I think she screwed up the whole match and it only made Maxine look horrible. I’d be pissed after getting “TO THE TOP” to have a “newby” screw up a match so bad if it were showcasing me!