Bowen Christopher Brees: Drew Bress Baby Boy (Photos, Video)

October 21, 2010

Meet gorgeous baby boy Bowen Christopher Brees, after millions of suggestions via Twitter Daddy Drew and Mommy Brittany settled on a name for their second baby boy. Keep reading to know all the details about his birth, name and name suggestions plus check out their family photos and video below.

When New Orleans Saints Drew Brees revealed via his Twitter account that his lovely wife Brittany was soon going to give birth to another baby boy fans and family were ecstatic. 19 month old Baylen (b. on January 15, 2009) was going to be a big brother and he will have a play buddy to spend time with at home and it also meant a future star quarterback like daddy. But his followers went mad when he also said that they haven’t made up their minds about the name of baby number two, but he was looking forward to suggestions his only condition was that the name must start with a B.

My wife is due any day now with baby boy #2. We have a few names picked out but haven’t decided yet. Looking for “b” names. Suggestions? #fb 2:11 PM Oct 8th via web

We are looking for boy names starting with a “b” that are uncommon. Not in most baby name books. Thanks to all for any ideas #fb

He received over 6,000 suggestions from his 283,770 followers, such a response definitely took him by surprise, but as his usual self he was thankful for all the thoughts and prayers and was overwhelmed, so on Sunday he Tweeted about how pleased he was that the Saints won at Tampa, and said that he was so looking forward to meet his second baby boy sometime the next week. And so it was on Tuesday October 19, 2010 daddy Brees went to his Twitter where he told the happy news.

Baby boy # 2 is here. Brittany and the new baby are great, although Brit has yet to give in to the name i want. Will keep you posted. #fb

So after a day of the birth of that gorgeous boy, they finally made up their minds about the perfect name once again he went over Twitter and shared with the world that Bowen Christopher Brees was officially the name of his second baby boy.

It’s official. Brit finally gave in. Bowen Christopher Brees. Healthy, happy baby. Big hands, big feet. Brit is great. I am so proud! #fb
Thanks to everyone once again for the baby recommendations. There were some really good ones. A lot of thought went in to that decision #fb

Sure there are no pictures of Bowen Brees yet, as you can see we only have his picture when he was still inside his mommy’s tummy but we are so looking forward to meet Bowen.

We think that the name is fabulous, we took the liberty to search for the meaning of the name Bowen and found out that in Welsh means shy but also fortunate one and in Gaelic means small boy and archer in Celtic his second name Christopher comes from the Greek meaning the bearer of Christ while Bowen’s big brother’ name Baylen was impossible to find instead we found Baylon that means in English from the Bay, outdoors man, daddy Drew’s name means wise and well liked in Welsh and Trendy is the English meaning for mommy’s name.

We would like to express our best wishes to them and congratulate them for the lovely new addition and for Bowen Christopher Brees we want to tell you, Welcome, God Bless you with a beautiful and loving family just like you blessed them with your presence in their lives.

Would you like to send a message to them? Be sure you come back when Bowen’s first pictures are revealed you can be sure we will have them for you meanwhile take a look at these lovely photos of the Brees family and check out the video below.

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