Anna Chapman Maxim Photos Coming Soon (Video)

October 16, 2010

Russia’s favorite spy Anna Chapman is baring it all for the cover of the Russian issue of Maxim magazine. The pictures will hit the newsstands on October 21, but we have the inside details of her hot photoshoot that includes posing in her underwear holding a shiny gun on her perfect manicured hands, interview, and hot video. Keep reading to know all about Anna’s Maxim photos on our story below.

Anna Chapman was one of the alleged Russian spies who were arrested a few months ago, due to this scandal she was taken off the glamorous life she was living in New York but it also gave a whole new celebrity status that she never would have accomplished if her infamous yet conveniently spying mess wasn’t revealed.

Anna is among other 99 Russian hotties who were selected by Maxim to be part of their 100 hottest women in Russia where you can vote and choose your favorite Russian babe, but our main object of attention is Chapman’s Maxim pictures that made her look like is she is one sexy bad girl from the next James Bond movie. It’s not just because of her scandalous past in the U.S that she looks deadly sexy, but her amazing red hair, green eyes, porcelain skin and perfect curvy body are all the perfect ingredients needed to become a deadly vixen that will devour her lover in bed just before she knocks him out leaving him handcuffed to the bed while she leaves will all of his money and half a million ride.

As you know Anna is a super tech savvy babe who since October 1st became the new Tech advisor for the president at Russian’s Fund Service Bank, she was also awarded at the Kremlin awards where she received the nation’s top honors along with her other spy friends plus she is sharing her internet resources knowledge to the world on her upcoming book. Her Maxim exposure comes after her provocative pictures on the Russian Magazine Heat or Zhara.

Anna’s Maxim pictures can be seen here and the rest will be available on newsstands tomorrow, Maxim has promised their readers that if they like her sneak peek pics they would love the one in their pages plus they give guys a little of her words taken from her interview where she revealed her choices when it comes to men.

“Seduction, like love and friendship are the same everywhere. Most men are divided in three categories: primitive, those that only want sex; smarter, those that want to be loved, and [the] last group — those that not only want to be loved, they also need that this love will be the biggest and most amazing feeling in your life. Those are the most difficult, but that is my favorite category,” Chapman said.

Will you took a little look at her Maxim pic? Now it’s time for you to check out her sexy photoshoot below and then you can share your thoughts about that in our comments box.

Anna Chapman’s Zhara photoshoot video

Anna Chapman Maxim photoshoot Video
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