Pat Mcafee: Indianapolis Colts Punter

October 20, 2010

Pat Mcafee is the Indianapolis Colts punter and he has gotten himself into some trouble. Find out all about Pat and what he has done that is making the news today. There are some pictures and a video you are going to want to see too.

Pat McAfee

There is yet another professional athlete in the news for alcohol related issues and this time it is Indianapolis Colts punter Pat Mcafee who has been arrested for public intoxication. Sports Illustrated is reporting that the wasted 23-year old decided to go for a skinny dip in a canal in what is called the nightlife district area of the city. The arrest occurred around 5am and Pat’s blood alcohol was allegedly 0.15 which is twice the legal limit.

Other than he allegedly likes his alcohol and is in the NFL what do we know about the Pennsylvania born Mcafee who played college football at West Virginia University? Well in terms of a biography this is what we know about the guy who has played football since before high school. He was drafted by the NFL in 2009 so he is still new to pro football but he sure can play the game. Pat earned numerous honors and awards while playing in college and he can do more than just punt the ball apparently he can run and tackle pretty darn good too. If you are a more avid football fan than I am, I like to watch the game don’t necessarily know the in’s and out’s, I am sure you have more information on Mcafee so please feel free to share. However I do have one little interesting fact Pat also played soccer in college as well as football.

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat Mcafee is in some trouble but here is hoping he works it all out because he seems to be one heck of a player who has quite the career ahead of him.

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