Maverick Carter: LeBron James Manager

October 19, 2010

Maverick Carter is LeBron James’ manager and boy has he gotten himself into quite the interesting situation. This is a unique yet kind of crazy story. I have all the details on the drama surrounding Maverick as well as the lowdown on him too.

This is a story you don’t hear everyday and it involves LeBron James manager Maverick Carter. According to TMZ Carter is being sued by VaNeisha Robinson who is charging him with false imprisonment. Now this is her reason for the charges. VaNeisha claims she bought a jewel encrusted LeBron Jersey that says “King” on it at a garage sale for $5 because she thought it was costume jewelry, turns out it wasn’t. It was the real deal worth a lot of cash and was stolen. Robinson further claims Maverick set up a meeting with her where she was ambushed and held against her will in her own home until she gave the pendant back. I told you sounds crazy right, I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Carter for his part is denying all allegations and has filed his own documents.

Other than he is involved is some whacked out lawsuit what do we know about the man who manages LeBron. Well in terms of a bio there isn’t much besides his connection to the basketball great, who he used to be teammates with back in high school. He was born and raised in Ohio and became a part of LeBron’s business world back in 2006 when he, James and two friends founded LRMR Marketing which is basically the company that does marketing and planning for LeBron.

I will say this the 25 year old Carter does have a great business sense. He booked some great sponsorship deals for James like McDonalds and State Farm to name a few. He is also working on a couple of branding deals for the company which include furniture company American Signature and crystal manufacturer Steuben Glass. Plus he is rumored to be adding other big name sports stars like Chris Paul to his client list.

Maverick Carter is LeBron James’ manager and we may not know much about him but we do know he is currently involved in quite the crazy lawsuit. If you have any information on Mr. Carter please feel free to share.

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