Randy Quaid: Burglary Trial No-Show Results in Arrest Warrant

October 19, 2010

More trouble is brewing for Mr. and Mrs. Randy Quaid. Burglary charges were brought against the couple after they were found squatting in a California home belonging to someone else, and just yesterday they both failed to appear for their court date. Get the full story, plus pictures and video below!

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An arrest warrant was issued for the nefarious couple, and a new court date was set for October 26. The trial will preside over charges of trespassing, vandalism, and theft already held against the two.

Last month the celebrity couple was found inhabiting a vacation home owned by a California man. He had called his realtor after he was notified an alarm was going off at his residence. Upon arriving, the realtor found the house trashed, a $7,000 mirror stolen, and the initials “R.Q.” etched into the mailbox.

The police waited on scene until the culprits returned home, only to find that is was none other than Mr. and Mrs. Randy Quaid. Burglary was the first charge brought against them, along with vandalism and trespassing.

When asked why they were living there, the couple stated that they had “owned the property since the 1990s.” However, documents provided by the real owner showed that the actor had sold the home several years earlier.

Released on $50,000 bail, it was unclear what the couple would do with their freedom, as they had no home to return to. But it seems that they not only found somewhere to go, but liked it so much that they decided to skip their return to court!

Now facing arrest warrants on top of their other charges, the couple are officially fugitives from the law. What do you think of the charges against Mr. and Mrs. Randy Quaid? Burglary is one thing, but evading the law is even more serious. Will the couple turn themselves in? Let me know what you think in the comment section! And don’t miss the photos and video below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Doug Meszler, Anthony G. Moore, Nikki Nelson

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