Julia Landauer: Youngest Female NASCAR Racer Biography (Photos, Video)

October 19, 2010

Have you ever met Julia Landauer? Perhaps you have, but just in case you haven’t she is so far the youngest NASCAR female racer and she has been getting behind the wheel for quite some time. Keep reading to know more about Julia plus check out the photos and video below.

Julia Landauer 1

Well actually Julia is not a NASCAR racer just yet, but for what we have been seeing her accomplish she will surely be one great racer at NASCAR maybe sooner that you think. Julia is one of the many future racers that will be flying to Virginia this weekend where they will fire their engines at the NASCAR’s 2010 Drive for Diversity Testing & Evaluation Combine where for three days these racer will try to get their spot at the Revolution Racing team and a sponsorship from NASCAR for one year.

“It’s huge. And it’s huge because it could open the door to so many opportunities: The amount of seat time you would get, the amount of connections you could make with NASCAR and the support you would get from so many outsiders who aren’t part of the business would be phenomenal.” Julia Said.

Julia Green Landauer was born in New York on November 12th, 1991 making her age 19 years old her sister Emma is 17 and her little brother Aidan is 14 both also kart racers like their big sister. Julia just graduated from Stuyvesant High School in New York she was involved in Stuyvesant’s Theatrical team as well as she is an excellent pianist, now she is studying the applications of green energy of the automotive industry at Stanford. She started racing karts when she was 10 years old just two years after she received a five-horsepower go-kart for Christmas, the next year she was awarded Rookie of the Year and competed at the Oakland Valley Race Park. Her favorite racers are Michael Schumacher and Kyle Busch.

In 2003 she finished 9th at the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup Series and was awarded Oakland Valley Race Park named her Most Improved Driver of the Year. Two years later now thirteen she rode her first car race when she competed at the WKA Manufacturers Cup and graduated from the Lyn St. James Driver Development Program, the next year she became the Most Improved Driver of The Season at the Skip Barber Eastern Regional Series, this same season she became the youngest female Champion actually the only girl and even tried her luck with Team KMA Racing at the BMW Series where she ended up winning a scholarship.

In 2007 she went back to her Karts roots competing in Junior ICA, HPV Jr, Yamaha Jr, Supercan Lite. As the youngest female at the KMA Racing team she won more points in her first three races than any other racer plus finished in 9th, 8th and 5th place. Last year some mechanical trouble placed her 10th and 14th place and 19 at the Boston Speedway in June, 2010. Her mentoring from Bill Mcanally Racing team has been an important aspect of her career and future in NASCAR Hopefully Julia will earn her place with the big guys and impress the media after all not just her driving counts, but how she managed herself with them, but I am sure she will do great. Good Luck Julia!!

Can you tell us a little bit more about Julia? Would you like to share your comments about this story? Check her pictures and videos below.

Julia Landauer 1
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