Andreas Thorp: LPGA Beatriz Recari’s Boyfriend

October 18, 2010

Meet the handsome and sweet Andreas Thorp, he is dating one of the most beautiful LPGA golfers Beatriz Recari, Check out this story and find out many interesting details about this guy plus check out the photos and video below.

Andreas Thorp

Andreas’ girlfriend is one of Spain’s golf starlets and most talented female golfers, at just 23 years she has gained great achievements in golf worldwide, just recently she won the CVS/pharmacy LPGA Challenge and by earning her first LPGA victory she proved that she is no Anna Kournikova, back when she was little she used to watch her father play golf and usually serving him as his caddy, today she is the one that is being watched playing golf with one great and gorgeous caddy of her own that is also her dear and beloved boyfriend.

Andreas Thorp is a tall, blond guy maybe from Norway, It’s hard to tell since there is almost no information about him which is really a shame he seems like a really cool guy, so the little we know comes from his role as the Spanish starlet golfer’s caddy for the past year and a half, according to her they were both looking for someone a caddy in her case and a golfer in Andreas’ so when they met in 2008 and realized both were available and that perhaps they could be a great team they didn’t waste any time and gave it a shot, although they both agreed they will try themselves as a team if their chemistry was effective on the golf course they will stick to it together, but they would part separate ways it they didn’t have a shoot as a team.

Luckily they did great last year placing themselves on the top three places in their first and second tournament together as a team, so they decided that could really make it together, little did they know they would also find how great friends they could be and subsequently what a great couple they were together not just professionally but romantically.
But to have your boyfriend close is not just a great support, Andreas’ experience also has helped her on taking decisions on the golf course, like when he helped her at the Finnair Masters last August, she also talked about Thorp here.

“To be honest, I owe a lot to my caddie because I hit a four-iron in the round and it was so short so I told him, “hybrid.” He said, “We’ll stick to the club,” and it went in, so I owe him some percentage for that,” she said. “I was talking to him and he was telling me to just enjoy and have fun. I visualized the shot and he chose the club. It was the only iron I hit well all day.”

It was Andreas the first to hold her when she won her first LPGA title at the the Blackhawk Country Club in Danville, California, you can check them out right here and also here.

We have to admit that Andreas Thorp is a very interesting and important aspect for the famous, gorgeous Spanish golfer and don’t you think they look great together? I think so, please leave your comments and additional information about him in the comments box. Check the photos and video below.

Andreas Thorp
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