Tia Robbins: St. Louis Rams Fred Robbin’s Wife (Photos, Video)

October 19, 2010

Have you ever met St Louis Rams Fred Robbins’ beautiful and clever wife Tia Robbins? She is every wife and girlfriend’s friend, but I doubt that is the same feeling in those women that want to be with other women’s men, but Tia came up with a backup plan that will finish with any other Tiger Woods case. Keep reading to know more about her Off Market plan, her life, marriage and more plus check out the photos and video below.

Infidelity is a problem that has been destroying families for centuries, whether it is a husband or a wife that cheated on their life partners or a person who wants attention and $$$$ so desperately that they don’t care about making up stories about their alleged affair with a married person, certainly this occurs when this off the market individual happens to be very wealthy, is a singer, actor and the more commonly an athlete.Last time I was watching this television show untitled “My Husband is a soccer Player” where Brazilian WAGs talked about their lives with their famous Brazilian soccer studs, how they dealt with women trying to steal their husbands. But it is not just in soccer these woman are attracted to athletes in general, so what is it that makes athletes so appealing? Sometimes it is their looks, others their good looking bank accounts, what ever the reason it Tia Robbins came up with a plan that will guarantee happy marriages till death do them apart.

Tia Robbins paired up with Jerika Johnstone, she is Former NFL defensive end Lance Johnstone’s wife and Jasmine Silva, who has worked with Donna Karan, Dwayne Wade, Antonio Pierce hosting events plus she is dating St. Louis Rams’ safety James Butler. Tia’s idea Off the Market was created with one specific mission.

Off the Market” seeks to enrich the lives of couples by offering a unique environment, exclusive services, and access to valuable resources for the ultimate benefit and honoring of the relationship between woman and man. plus they also Off The Market Events.
“Off The Market events” produces exclusive, one of-a-kind couples events by invitation only; for couples committed to sustaining a positive, healthy, rewarding, fun, and exciting relationship with their mate.

Tia’s Off The Market was Launched last December. So now that we know a bit of what this impressive and stunning Mrs. has been doing these days, let’s check what she has been doing before.

The beautiful Tia Watts was born on 1978 in Omaha, Nebraska, but her parents along with her three sisters relocated in Minnesota when she was just eleven years old, it was at Minnesota that she met her soon to be husband who she dated for eight years before walking down the aisle at the San Destin Golf & Beach Resort in Destin Florida on May 23rd, 2009 in a beautiful, romantic and velvet wedding surrounded by their families and friends. Check some beautiful pictures of the wedding here.
A few yeas before she became Mrs. Tia Robbins she was a student at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama where she got her degree in Business Administration on 1995.

Soon she was working and becoming a very popular event planer, but first she worked at Universal Music and Video administration as well as the Vikings event organizer, a year later she was living in New York where her career as PR took off, she joined the team at J Records and MBK Entertainment. These days the fabulous Mrs Tia Robbins is looking amazingly beautiful and eating for two, that’s right she is expecting their first child, Congratulations to both!!

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Tia Robbins Video
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