Serena Williams Injury Sidelines Star for 2010

October 16, 2010

More bad news for women’s tennis number one. Serena Williams’ injury, sustained at a restaurant after winning Wimbledon, did not heal as expected, and could keep her out for the rest of the year. Find out more, and see pictures and video below!

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The Australian Open and Wimbledon champ has been in rehab since she cut her foot on broken glass at a restaurant earlier this year. The unfortunate accident has kept her out of contention, and will cost her #1 ranking this Monday as Caroline Wozniacki takes her place.

The 13 time grand slam winner says she is “completely heartbroken” about losing her ranking not being able to play this year, and promises to come back stronger as soon as her injury allows.

“I am likely out for the year now … In order not to make this worse, I have to chill on my physical workouts but I will immediately begin rehabbing as soon as I get the Doc’s OK. Keep me in your prayers (I need them),” she said to her fans.

Serena Williams’ injury is not just bad news for her, but women’s tennis. Find out why here. Both sisters are now out for the foreseeable future due to injury. Older sister Venus has a knee strain that will keep her from competing in the upcoming tournaments. The sisters are a huge crowd draw for women’s tennis, and their absence is bad news for the whole industry as far as most analysts are concerned. Most will admit it’s tough to picture women’s tennis scene without the American sisters.

What do you think of Serena Wiliams’ injury? Is it all bad news for women’s tennis, or will her short absence give some younger players a chance to get familiar with fans? Wish her your best in the comment section! And don’t miss the photos and video of this tennis great below!

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