TJ Lavin: BMX Rider Biography (Photos, Video)

October 19, 2010

Meet TJ Lavin, he is an awesome BMX Rider, phenomenal MTV Host, Musician, lovely boyfriend, caring father and amazing friend not to mention hot guy. Recently he was involved in a horrific BMX accident and put into an induced coma, find out more about his road to recovery until he finally left the hospital. Keep reading to know all details about TJ’s life from his biography here and check out his pictures, highlights and gruesome crash video below.

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TJ Lavin is one of the big names in BMX, a dear person for MTV since he has been present at MTV’s Real World Road Rules Challenge, Cribs, TRL, MTV Sport video game (T.J. Lavin’s Ultimate BMX), has acted as himself in two BMX movies including his own film ( A film about TJ Lavin). A big surprise came when he released his music album when nobody even knew he was into music, who could imagine that some adrenaline junkie can learn to play the piano by himself just by listening to it. Certainly a big motivation was his dear friend Stephen Murray who in 2007 suffered a terrible accident on a BMX dirt track during a double back flip suffering substantial damage to his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

It was for Stephen that he created his single Soldier found on his first album Lavs the First Set followed by his next album The Second Set. A great amount of his album’s profits were given to the Stephen Murray Family Fund.

TJ was born Thomas Joseph Lavin on December 7th, 1976 making him 33 years old in Las Vegas, Nevada. While he was part of the wrestling team (well for 1 year at High school, he went to Durango and Clark High School) he was already on his bike BMX racing and soon with Dirt jumping. TJ actually was just a toddler (three years old) when he first started getting on a bike (without training wheels) soon he was competing which came also near the time he met Nick Herda who saw the great potential TJ had, so he became his first sponsor well actually his business called Herda Discount Appliance, with Mr. Herda’s help and by the time he was 15 he was a well known BMX racing competitor and just after his high school graduation he was a professional BMX rider, sure Dirt Jumping came soon and then it was no turning back.

At age 19 he was named the 1995 Dirt King, TJ Lavin is an XGames gold, silver and bronze medalist (7 medals). TJ still lives and adores Las Vegas where he can enjoy his own BMX dirt track in his backyard, spends time in his music studio also at home that he calls Lavs Lab all with the love, support and company of his longtime girlfriend her 11 years old daughter and his dog Jackson a Black lab, sadly there is no more info about Lavin’s girlfriend except that and some of his own words about her.

I have an amazing girlfriend in my life who means the world to me

The world of Sports suffers for one of its best BMX riders TJ Lavin is not just a terrific rider, he is an outstanding, cool and funny guy that always adds a little spice to every competition. Like any BMX rider TJ has been involved in many crashes, broken bones, but on Thursday October 14th, nobody expected to see our dear friend unconscious after suffering a horrific crash at the Dew Tour date at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. According to his mother Barbara he was ready to retire from BMX dirt jumping.

You might remember that after his dear friend Murray had his accident and while competing at the Dew Action Sports in Florida in 2007 he also lost control of his bike when he did a trick called the decade, he shattered his fibula and tibia which required several metal rods and screws on his leg followed by physical therapy. During this time he started to practice baseball.

The Dew tour first started in 2005, ever since that year and for three days only the biggest names in BMX Dirt and Skate give fans one heck of a show. This year big names like Shaun White, Kurtis Colamonico, Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson, 15 year old Brett Banasiewicz, Brandon Dosch and local boy TJ Lavin were ready to give their fans something to scream about, that changed dramatically when in the qualifying second round at the dirt road when he lost control of his bike while trying to perform a nac nac jump combination ( trick done while airborne, hands on handles while the legs are extended out on the same side of the bike) but his feet were not back on the pedals when he landed. TJ was thrown from his bike suffering injuries on his head and laid unconscious while crews rushed to him, he was taken to the trauma center of the University Medical Center where doctors discovered a fracture eye socket, broken right wrist, right arm, maybe some ribs, minor brain bleeding as well as swelling for which doctors decided to put him into a medically induced coma that will reduce the swelling on his brain.

According to a Dew rep he still is in the IC unit, but stabilized, as for the rest of us we keep on praying for his full recovery so we can have him with us in no time. Get Well TJ our thoughts and prayers are with you, your lovely family, friends and loyal fans. TJ like you once said “Stay Strong we are Waiting for You”.

**Update TJ Lavin Left the Hospital**
TJ’s road to recovery was threatened by Pneumonia, but on November 16th a little bit more than a month after his terrible accident TJ Lavin left the hospital and went home, he is still recovering, but his mother said he might compete again.

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