Laker Girl Ashley is Ashley C (Photos, Video)

October 14, 2010

Have you met Ashley the sexy Laker Girl? She is also known as Ashley or as the poor Laker cheerleader who got hit by Lakers’ Barnes and Sacramento’s Landry. What else do you know abut her? Where is she from? How long has she been a Laker Girl? Is she OK after she was hit? Is she dating someone? Keep reading to know all about this super hottie and check out the photos and video below.

For the past couple of years Ashley C. the sexy blond Laker girl has been cheering for her team along with her equally sexy cheerleaders friends, she was at the Laker vs. Kings game yesterday. As usual the Lakers Girls entertain fans and turn heads with their naughty moves and hot outfits, when the game started Ashley sat court side on the floor actually where she could see real close all of the players moves, but she wasn’t counting on seeing one on the first move of the fourth quarter so close to her, actually on top of her.

The move was between Sacramento Kings center Carl Landry and Lakers forward Matt Barnes, both of them were making an attempt to save the ball from getting out of bounds when they got tangled and fell on the floor well at least one of them the other landed on Ashley who couldn’t prevent from getting hit by these guys and also hit her head on the table behind her, luckily she was OK. In case you were wondering since if you see the video none of the players bothered to check if she was OK or even apologized, well at least that’s how it is seen in the video, but do you know if they did afterward? Just wondering did they accidentally fall or did Barnes throw Landry?

Ashley C. like the it said on her NBA Lakers profile got onto the Laker Girls squad team in 2008. When she started she was styling her hair the way she still is now, short, blond hair that made her look even taller and slimmer it also makes her face features look more delicate than they already are. Ashley went to Fullerton Community College in Fullerton, California, she has always been very athletic and when she is not giving fans her best moves on the court she can be hanging out with her family or friends, camping, hiking, shopping, fishing or surfing. She was on the first Laker Girls Calendar released last year with pictures taken on a beautiful private beach on the central coast called Dos Pueblos Beach (Ashley was January).

Ashley once said in order to become a Laker girl she had to stop eating fast food and start to eat salads, fruits which she loves, for snack time she always carries a 100 calorie bag of wheat thins. For her daily workout routine she started her dancing lessons before becoming a Laker girl now she dances every evening cardio in the morning plus she added that she did and continues to do as much ab work as she possibly can as well as legs exercises, to keep everything tight.

We couldn’t find anything regarding her romantic life, but we guess that any guy will be really lucky to have a girl like Ashley by his side, not only is she an utterly beautiful girl, we also heard that she is the nicest, sweetest and kindest person there is. Ashley C or our gorgeous Laker Girl Ashley lives in Yorba Linda in the northwestern part of Orange County, California.

Would you like to add any other information about Ashley like what is her last name, boyfriend? Leave all the comments you want and check out the photos and videos below.

Laker Girl Ashley Hit by Barnes Video

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    ***** Says:

    shes dating a guy named Darin Rucker who also lives in Yorba Linda i go to Fullerton College with them and they have been dating for over 5 years now….sorry boys