Arizona Prosecutor Hell-Bent On Sending Tyson Up the River. Again!

January 4, 2007

Have you been wondering what former heavyweight boxing champion turned carnival sideshow freak “Iron� Mike Tyson has been doing with himself lately? Well wonder no more.

Arizona Daily Star

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas wants former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson sent to prison for his arrest last week in Scottsdale. Police say Tyson was found with cocaine after leaving a Scottsdale night club. Thomas told reporters yesterday he filed two felony drug counts and two DUI charges against Tyson.

Thomas says Tyson should serve a prison term because of his criminal history. If convicted on all four charges, Tyson could get more than seven years in prison. Tyson was stopped by an officer. Police say that two bags of cocaine were found in his back pocket. Police say he failed a sobriety test, but no sign of alcohol was found.

The Smoking Gun (one of my favorite websites), has Tyson’s mug shots and a copy of the police report on their site. Its well worth a look too.

I borrowed some excerpts from the article from their site and decided to put it below the fold because of the strong language that Mighty Mike uses. (Big Mike might be able to beat the hell out of most folks, but he isn’t exactly William Shakespeare.)

The Smoking Gun~

In a taped interview with the Buckeye Police Department, the former heavyweight champion spoke about his drug use and how he is “fucked up.”

When asked for his license and registration, Tyson pulled out a “large amount of paperwork” and handed the stack to a cop, saying, “You can look in there.”

The police report also notes that Tyson was flashing the peace sign at the start of his interview. He told investigators that “in Ireland, if you turn your hand the opposite way, it means, ‘Fuck you.”



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2 Responses to “Arizona Prosecutor Hell-Bent On Sending Tyson Up the River. Again!”

  1. 1
    Susan Says:

    Could you imagine being the cop who pulled Tyson over? With his history, I bet that cop just about… well… I’m a lady so I probably shouldn’t use that phrase! But I’d have been pretty freaked!

    Isn’t Arizona known for his prison camps? Sounds like a good place to send him! A few months in a tent in the Arizona desert….. With a drill seargant over him!

  2. 2
    bill mattingly Says:

    You got your headline all wrong. The prosecutor probably could care less if he ever layed eyes on Tyson.
    The headline should read ” TYSON IS HELL-BENT ON SENDING TYSON UP THE RIVER”.