Nelly Iribarren: Chilean Miner Luis Urzua’s Mother (photos, video)

October 14, 2010

Meet Nelly Iribarren she is the proud mother of Luis Urzua the 33rd Chilean miner and last to come out from the mine that held him prisoner for over two months. Find out what this Chilean mother said about her son and the truth behind her husband’s death plus don’t miss Nelly’s son’s rescue photos and video below.

When you are a mother you want to protect your children with your life, you forget about your own needs and put your child’s needs first, when they get sick it is the mother who wishes that she was the one who feels ill instead of her son or daughter, their success is her success, their suffering is her suffering and when it comes to protecting them a mother is like a lioness protecting their cubs, but what happens when her children are all grown up and have to live the safety of their mother’s watching eye? She has to accept it and see them go, their safety lies in their own hands and she can just pray that they can be happy, healthy and protected. Sure that is what 78 year old Nelly Iribarren prayed everyday for each of her sons and daughters and her, prayers that became stronger on August 5th when her 54 year old son was among the 33 miners captured a mile underground the small copper and-gold mine near the Chilean city of Copiapo where the mine’s access shaft collapsed.

When the news about this tragedy was released it felt like as if her heart would stop, but something inside her told her that he was alive, her hope grew stronger when the news about the call from the miners was received, saying they were 33 miners that were captured, they were OK and ready to be rescued, that miner who talked for the first time was Nelly’s son Luis.

When Nelly’s son was still a little boy she lost her husband named like her son Luis Urzua (not 100% confirmed about his cause of death, some said heart attack while others said he had cancer) living as a single mother of seven children she got help from her big boy who saw the tremendous responsibility on her mother’s shoulders and he assumed the role of the man of the house, he set rules and took care of his 6 younger siblings. A little later Nelly remarried a man named Clodomiro Tapia who was a miner, her daughter’s Nelly Tapia’s father and a great father figure to her children. According to ElPeriodistaonline Nell’s husband and father of her son died (natural causes) when her children were still very young.

It was Nelly and her daughter who denied statements made by Chilean newspaper El Mundo who said that both her husbands were allegedly murdered, Luis’s father in 1973, by the hands of Chilean group named La Caravana de la Muerte under Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship and Mr Tapia who they said was named Benito was a former national leader of the Confederation of Copper Workers and member of the Central Committee of the Young Socialists, was arrested on September l7, l973 and executed by La Caravana de La Muerte, Both statements are false said Nelly Iribarren who added that when she heard about this she felt so sick and had to stay in bed for a day.

Her delicate health is what kept her from going to the camp where rescuers were, but even so Mrs. Iribarren was filled with joy to see the moment when the capsule that was bringing the last miner to freedom, the same miner who is now considered a hero, but for Neely her son has always been her hero and a blessing in her life.

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One Response to “Nelly Iribarren: Chilean Miner Luis Urzua’s Mother (photos, video)”

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    Mary Says:

    I believe your son was placed in the mine by GOD, to save their lives. He is a hero, as are all the other miner’s, but your son is one of the special people in this world. Thank GOD for the foundation you laid for your son and for his courage.