Dallas Stars Ice Girls Lake Day Video (Photos)

October 14, 2010

Dallas NHL team the Dallas Stars is melting the ice, not for their game but for their sexy cheerleading team the Dallas Ice Girl who just released a new hot, sexy video. Keep reading to see it here plus find interesting details about the girls, photos and more below.

Sexy Ice Girls are always heating up the ice at the American Airlines Center in every game their team plays, but today these stunning girls are trading the ice and their sexy cheerleading outfits for the sun and tiny bikinis, for their annual Lake Day video, The Lake Day video is a new tradition for the sexy Ice Girls that first started two years ago when they came up with their arousing day tanning and waving on the boat where Canadian Hottie Sean Avery was somehow expected to be but come on who wants to see some guy when you can see these beauties jumping, dancing in their multiple colored bikinis. Sure it would be a great idea since it was his rookie year with the Dallas Stars, but this is just about Girls, Girls, Girls and more Girls. It even sounds like a Mötley Crüe Video.

Last year they came up with their famous lines Where are my pants? Let’s go to the Lake video like many people think of it, when it actually was name Dallas Ice Girls day at the Lake video where they were at first playing hockey wearing skimpy black bikinis, shoulders pads and helmets just to head out to the lake where we could have a better look at Erin, Kaylynn, Sarah, Ivette, Rachael, Nazlie, Tracie, Kristen, Charlotte, Cassie, Kaime, Lauren, Meagan, Katherine, and Grace.

This year and for the third time they came up with a brilliant and arousing video where besides having a better look at the girls, we have new faces and got a chance to know them a little better. You can also check some of their pictures on the ice here.

* First we met Meagan from San Antonio, Texas, she has been an Ice Girl for four years.
* Rachael, this is her fifth year as an Ice Girl.
* Kaime is onn her second year on the team.
* Erin who also is known as “Little Red” has been an Ice Girl for three years.
* Channel a new face on the team.
* Laura from Austin, recently relocated to Dallas.
* Christina Anther is a new face from Louisiana.
* Robbyn and Megan from Forth Worth and Dallas they are also rookies.
* Kaiwin a sexy rookie brunette.
* Katharina a rookie from Cedar Hill, Texas.
* Jaimie Another Redhead from Texas.
* Carolina A rookie from Dallas.
* Danica, Candace, Whitney, Alisha and Andrea also from Texas and rookies on the Ice Girls Team.
* Shariela the last Rookie on the squad and in the video.

So here you go plenty of new faces and smoking hot bodies, so are you ready to check the photos and the Dallas Ice Girls’ Lake Day video from the past three years, just for you below. Tell us which is your favorite video and Ice Girl.

Dallas Ice Girls 2008 Video

Dallas Ice Girls 2009 Video

Dallas Ice Girls 2010 Video
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