Hina Patel: Birkdale High School’s Teacher (Photos, Video)

October 7, 2010

Hina Patel is the Teacher who from the early months of 2010 was accused of having sex with her teenage students, one month later she came forward accepting her terrible mistake. Check out about her life, previous jobs, sex scandal plus check out the Our list of teacher involved with their students video and Hina’s photo on the links below since the teachers in these pictures are not her.

BOSTON - AUGUST 16:  Textbooks sit on the shelf at Quantumbooks August 16, 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Government Accountability Office finds that the average student spends almost $900 on textbooks and supplies, or 26 percent of tuition and fees per year at typical public four-year colleges. The report finds textbook prices have increased 186 percent since 1986.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

37 Year old Hina Patel from Sandilands Grove, Hightown in Liverpool, is an Indian/English Teacher who left her previous job with good references, when in September, 2009 she knocked on the doors of Birkdale High School, Gary Loverigde the school’s head master didn’t hesitate to hire Hina as a supply teacher, she was the teacher who was covering for another that left the school for a short term period. She also helped on the School magazine, behavior and conduct supervisor.

Now Birkdale High, located on Windy Harbour Road in Southport, Merseyside is under the watching eye of the Borough of Sefton and is considered one of the best, most popular and respectful schools in North West England, with important alumni like 17 year old Jake Bidwell a promising soccer defender at Everton F.C and the English U-17 team as well as Jack Rodwell the 19 year old midfielder for Everton F.C , former U16, U17, U19 player who now plays at the U-21 team. The School used to be a Boys/ girls school under the name Birkdale Secondary Modern School. The school holds the motto Nihil Nisi Bonum ( this is Latin in English translates Only the Best Will Do).

The news about Hina Patel getting allegedly sexually involved with two of her students who were 16 years old came public when the boy came forward and Hina was suspended from her position immediately. Hina lives in Sandilands Grove, Hightown in Merseyside, according to reports her home is a three-bedroom semi-detached house with the estimated price of £200,000, It was at her house where she allegedly met her students and allegedly had sexual relations from February 1st to March 18th.

Hina was arrested on April 21st and bail in September, on the 21st she was charged with two counts of abusing her position of trust by sexual activity with a child. She was scheduled to be at the North Sefton Magistrates Court on October. When that day came she accepted full responsibility pleading guilty of the two charges of abusing her position of trust by sexual misconduct with the two 16 years old students. Check Hina Patel’s picture here.

Hina Patel must be at Liverpool Crown Court on November 22 when her sentence will be given, meanwhile she was bailed just after a condition was settled and “she must not contact the boys or any pupils at the school”. The two students involved in this ugly incident have withdrawn from the school.

This is what Birkdale’s head master said about Patel’s case and her alleged sexual relations with the school’s pupils.

“We are not trying to hide anything, we’re just waiting until there is something to comment on. We can’t say anything because there is no hard and fast information available. If we make any presumptions, it would be liable to wreck any police case.”

And when she pleaded guilty of the two counts of sexual misconduct he said this:

“I am appalled she used her position in such a way. We are relieved we found out at such an early stage. But it just shows how you have to be very vigilant and your processes have to be robust.”

We will keep you informed about Hina Patel’s case and sentence, but we would love to hear your thoughts about this story, leave those on the comments box below but don’t forget to check out the video below.

History of Teachers involved with their Students Video
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