LaTasha Marzolla: Sexy MMA Fighter (Photos, Video)

October 14, 2010

Playboy model and awesome MMA fighter LaTasha Marzolla is one of the names coming to Tuff-N-Uff’s in Las Vegas, but what exactly do we know about her life? career? family? Check out her biography, photos and video below.

LaTasha Marzolla

La Tasha Marzolla will be on October 22nd facing Nikki Rae Lowe at the Orleans Hotel & Casino’s Mardi Gras Ballroom in Las Vegas , her third fight with Tuff-N- Uff, but the first for her opponent, for all of you who can be there the fight will air on and the fight card can be seen at

LaTasha has been a wrestler for a while, but it seemed that she can’t just get off her Playboy past, what exactly did she do that makes her so memorable? Well for starters La Tasha Marzolla is utterly hot, second she has been in Playboy for about 10 years where she was on four covers and over 30 special issues, but fighting was her passion so she never got into a contract with them since it will keep her from kicking butt in the ring.

Kicking Butts was what she wanted to do ever since she was a little girl, she grew up in a really bad neighborhood, learned how to defend herself was a matter of survival, she started wrestling in high school (Las Vegas High), but her coach wasn’t so into girls wrestling. His rejection shattered her, but at the end made her stronger. She became a member of Las Vegas High’s junior varsity team, where she got a chance to wrestle against a few girls, but mostly guys about these fights she recalls she had no chance against them, but she enjoyed every single fight.

She was born in Paradise, California on August 21st, 1979, LaTasha and her little brother Michael grew up in a dangerous neighborhood this was what pushed her to learn how to wrestle and later adventure with Muay Thai. LaTasha became a mother of her gorgeous boy Aalijah (who is now about to become a teenager) at a very young age it was during this time that she decided after thinking over and over again to knock on the door of Playboy. The date was in 2000 when she went to an open audition. The rest is history four covers, 2004 Playmate of The Year and several special issues more that made her a favorite bunny among fans and publishers. But sadly during the same time at Playboy she experienced a terrible thing, when robbers broke into the house where she and her baby boy lived. She wasted no time and got the training of Master Toddy the fabulous Muay Thai trainer who also trained Mick Doyle, Dale Hart, Jason David Frank, Rey Phillip Santos and the official trainer of the television series Fight Girls, but it was there where she would meet these great wrestlers and awesome friends.

Friends like Gina Carano who was featured with her in the 2005 documentary film Ring Girls, but before this came to her life she was known as Venus with the Japanese Kick boxing promotion, then WWE came to her life in 2004 signing her in, but an injury sent her out in an early release.

While recovering from her injury and giving birth to her daughter Aspen she made her fantastic comeback with the MMA at Tuff-N-Uff last year training with Shawn Tompkins and under Kim Couture management. Her second fight came last May against Christy Tada in Las Vegas The Fight claimed her as winner via KO on the first round with just 2:00 Minute on the clock. Her next fight was in November against Kate McGray who she defeated via Unanimous decision after three rounds. How do you think she will do in her third fight vs. Nikki Rae Lowe?

I guess we will have to wait on that one, but we can always see LaTasha Marzolla in the cool photos and videos below.

LaTasha Marzolla photoFormer Playmate LaTasha MarzollaLaTasha Marzolla pictureMMA LaTasha Marzollla
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LaTasha Marzolla Videos

Photos: Mary Ann Owen

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