JWoww: TNA Impact Contestant Video (photos)

October 14, 2010

Jersey Shore sexy vixen JWoww was one hot contestant at Spike’s TV TNA Impact, is that really true? Is it true that her Playboy cover is in jeopardy after this decision? When exactly is she going to be on TNA? Against who? Keep reading to know all about this news plus check out the photos and her TNA video below.

Snookie’s BFF JWoww aka Jenni Farley has a busy agenda, just a couple of months ago it was revealed that she was going to pose nude for Playboy magazine, she also has her own tanning cream and will be a wrestler at TNA Impact. Now JWoww has been surrounded by rumors for quite some time about her new breast augmentation rumor that she clarified that was not true since she is delighted with her breast size the way they are now. And what about Playboy certainly fans want to see her in her Eve in the garden look and since it is Playboy it is simply expected, but her Jersey Shore prohibits her from posing nude, so even if we hear that she will be showing her spectacular body I am so terribly sorry to tell you that might not be happening unless she gets out of Jersey and takes advantage of the alleged $400,00 Playboy has offered her. But don’t worry JWoww said that the opportunity could help big time with her own reality show and added that like her her petite friend she has received offers from CBS. If that will or will not happen leaves us with no remedy but to wait, but what apparently is happening and maybe she won’t be revealing extra skin, but it will be freaking hot is her appearance at Spike’s TV Total Nonstop Action aka TNA Impact this Thursday October 14th.

JWoww was at the TNA’s Impact Zone on Monday October 11th when the spoiler video was recorded and if we are not wrong it will without a doubt go viral, but when some media said that her role at TNA wasn’t confirmed and some wondered if she was going to fight, was going to announce or just hold round cards. Either way she was going to be along side her Jersey Shore look alike Robbie E. and Cookie but also great names in wrestling like Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Mick Foley to name a few.

But now it is confirmed that she will be getting $14,000 and she will get in the ring along The Beautiful People Angelina Love and Velvet Love and finally getting into a hot catfight against Cookie who felt JWoww’s beating and ended up seeing her walking out with the belt, sources are saying that the TNA might offer her a more attractive and longer deal, The fight will air on Thursday at 9:00 p.m On Spike TV. What do you think about JWoww on TNA, good or terrible idea? Check the photos and video below.

JWoww TNA Impact fight video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Chris Connor, Judy Eddy.

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