Tom Brady Vs. Randy Moss Fight Over Hair (Photos, Video)

October 11, 2010

Tom Brady and Randy Moss former New England teammates, now hair rivals? What exactly happened between Brady and Moss and their fight over hair? How did it start? Who looks better or worse? Let’s read on to know all the interesting details about this news plus check out these fellas’ photos and video below.

When it comes to football some players take things to another level, too personal or strictly business on the field but great buddies off the field, well that was the case with Tom Brady and Randy Moss, certainly both were on the same team, their goals were very similar, they look up to each other like the time when Tom defended Moss when some Carolina Panthers criticized his performance last December and Tom said “he was one of his favorite guys he’s ever played with”, well that changed when Randy was traded to the Vikings and their fight will be about who scores more yards for their teams, but also whose hair is better or worst.

Well it all started when according to media Tom said his supermodel wife and mother of his son Benjamin won’t let him cut his gorgeous hair and Brady told his still teammate last week to shave his beard ’cause it was unacceptable, Randy fired back at him telling him that he should cut his hair ’cause he looked like a girl, but actually the truth about this mess is that there is zero proof Giselle actually told him not to cut his hair, but as for the hair cutting and the beard trimming and according to CBS’ Charley Casserly, who was told that both players had a fight over hair, blah, blah, blah got into a heated fight over the hair thing in the locker room and had to be separated.

Now according to recent updates about this ridiculous fight it seemed that there was no altercation, nor in the locker rooms or nowhere even the less about the part that they had to be separated, according to New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick the whole Brady vs. Moss fight over hair was news to him, he never heard about any altercation between them. This same statement was given by a close friend of Randy who said that the whole hair issue was false and that Randy had much respect for Brady as a player to get into that kind of childish games. Even more absurd is the rumor that it was due to this that he was traded. Utterly ridiculous.

But I guess that you must be dying like some people I know (Me) to give our opinion if the fight over hair between Brady and Moss was true, so in your opinion who do you think looks worst Tom Brady’s hair or Randy Moss’ beard? I think both look great but maybe could use a little trip to the barber shop. Check these photos and video below.

Tom Brady & Randy Moss’ Hair Videos
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