Marloes Coenen: Dutch MMA Fighter Biography (Photos, Video)

October 11, 2010

Dutch hottie and MMA fighter Marloes Coenen became the new Women’s Welterweight Champion on October 9th, 2010. She is not just a rockin’ fighter but an utterly sexy one. What do we know about her life? Career? early beginnings? Let’s take a look into her biography, video and photos on our great links below since the girls in these pictures are not Marloes, but aren’t they hot, I think so too!

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Marloes Coenen met Sarah Kaufman from Canada on Saturday October 9th at the Strikeforce Women’s Welterweight Championship in San Jose, California. The first loss for Kaufmann who said that a simple mistake cost her the victory. On the third round Marloes submitted her opponent with an armbar, but held it too long, snapping her arm, Marta tapped, but she was still holding her arm until the referee stopped them, Marloes won and sent an apology to her opponent, her next fight will be at Ultimate Glory 12 in Amsterdam on October 16th against Lena Buytendijk.

Marloes “Rumina” Coenen was born in Netherlands on March 31, 1981 (29 years old) and grew up in Olst. Her father is a soccer trainer, part time cartoonist for the newspaper while her mother teaches kindergarten; she also has two older brothers Arno and Rob both know karate and her oldest trains Thai boxing, her grandfather a World War II veteran was a great Jiu jitsu trainer.

Before becoming a MMA fighter Marloes could be spotted playing volleyball, but at 14 she started her jiu jitsu training with Martijn de Jong aka “The Specialist” (de Jong later became Shooto Europe’s president) she later learned Brazilian Jiu jitsu as well. She first started competing when she was 18, but her first victory wasn’t until she was 19 and her trainer was at the Shooto in Japan, against her mother’s will she joined him and won the 2000 Remix Tournament, she won the 2000 ReMix World Cup by defeating Mika Harigai and Megumi Yabushita from Japan and Becky Levi from the US in addition to her The Strongest Lady victory against Yuuky Kondo from Japan. The following year she won the 2001 Remix Golden Gate by defeating Yoko Takahashi from Japan. By this time Marloes had already dropped out of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam where she was studying Arts and Culture Sciences and communications, instead she chose to focus on her career as a fighter. Her training were intense, she didn’t slow down when she got sick with not even she got sick with Glandular fever.

In 2002 she won the Wanna Shooto in Japan when she defeated Miwako Ishihara, defeated Japan Yoko Takahashi by TKO at he Smackgirl World ReMix 2004 World, but lost to Erin Toughill by KO. On 2007 at the K – GRACE 1 in Tokyo, Japan she won over Keiko Tamai from Japan and Magdalena Jarecka from Poland but lost to Roxanne Modafferi from the US who she later defeated at the 2009 Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers in Illinois.

In 2008 she became France’s burden when she defeated Asci Kubra at the 2008 BOTE (Beast of the East) in Holland followed by her victory over Romy Ruyssen at the SLV 3 Thaibox Gala Night in Switzerland and finally at KOE (Tought is not Enough) in Holland by TKO. This same year she sighed a contract with Elite Extreme Combat aka Elite XC (the US MMA Organization funded by ProElite and Showtime in 2006.

In 2009 she lost to Cindy Dandois from Belgium by unanimous decision at KOBE in Holland also in 2009 it was announced that she was going to fight at Strikeforce first against Cristiane Santos from Brazil, but an injury kept her out (Santos) of the fight so Erin Toughill was up for a second that is since a medical condition force her out soModaferri was up and down in the first round with just 1 minute 5 seconds on the clock, What a way to get her vengeance from her loss 5 years ago.

But she did get a chance to fight Brazilian Champ Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos in Miami at the Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight Championship but lost in the third round by KO, in June it was announced that Marloes was going to fight at the 135 and 145 pounds division.

What are your comments about Marloes? Check the photos and Her fight vs. Kaufman video below.

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Marloes Coenen Video

Photos: Mary Ann Owen

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    trey_trey Says:

    I dont know who that is in the pictures, but isnt Marloes Coenen. She looks nothing like that.

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    Ted Says:

    sure is not her it said so in the opening paragraph, but I agree with Miriam these girls are all hot, Marloes is smoking!!!!