WWE Diva Ashley Massaro: Hot Wrestler (Photos, Video)

October 6, 2010

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro was one of WWE’s hot wrestlers, a hot model and who can forget her Playboy pictures. She left the Word of Women’s wrestling a couple of years ago, but she still is considered one of the sexiest wrestlers the WWE has ever seen, Let’s take a look back into Ashley’s life and find out what she has been doing now plus check her photos and video.

Ashley Massaro

When Ashley Massaro left the WWE in 2008 her fans were heartbroken, but supported her reason for leaving, her little daughter was sick. Even years after she left she still is on everyone’s minds, her pictures get a million searches everyday and when it comes to WWE Divas in Playboy hers is among the first to appear, she is on every website top Hottest Wrestlers list like you can see here, but what makes her so hot? We have like a million explanations for that, so let’s get started.

30 year old Ashley Mizassaro (Her real name) was born on May 26, 1979 in Babylon, New York, she grew up in a household surrounded by wrestlers her dad and brother Ronnie and uncle were avid wrestlers, is was only natural for her to be one hell of a wrestler herself, but before she got into that she was going to accomplish another goal she had for her life.

She went to SUNY or State University of New York where she got her Bachelor’s degree in communication. Ashley’s impressive good looks and terrific personality got her to be crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2002. Playboy had the pleasure to feature her in 2003 and 2004 under the name Ryan McKenzie. That same year she was once again Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada. Sometime between 2003 or so she welcomed her beautiful daughter Lexie.

At age 24 Ashley Massaro entered the World of Women’s wrestling on August 15th, 2005 when she won the Raw Diva Search along other 7 wrestlers and finally after defeating Leyla Milani from Canada. 2005 was a year of excitement and great experiences for the new WWE Diva, she paired up with the sexy Trish Tratus who first joined her in the ring on September 12th when she defended her from Victoria, Candice Wilson and Torrie Michelle who had been tricking Ashley just to end up attacking her ever since her August debut. Together with Trish they defeated the three Divas. She participated in the Bra and Panties Gauntlet Match in 2006, it is believed that during this time she was dating Matt Hardy. During this time she posed for Maxim, FHM and Stuff Magazine.

A spiral fracture on her left fibula left her out of the 2006 Diva Royal Rumble after going into surgery she was left with a cast on her leg for 4 weeks, went into rehabilitation and made a comeback on June 4 months after her injury. Two months later she broke her knuckle but made it back in September. Following other Divas tradition that has posed for Playboy and revealed their covers in the ring Ashley revealed hers on February, 2007.

That same month she won the Diva Talent International contest at No Way Out, while Maria, Ariel and Candice Michelle were fighting she took her top off revealing Playboy logos covering her chest and becoming the winner. On September, 2007 she participated in CBS’s television show Survivor: China the WWE said that she was on a indefinite suspension because she spill Mr. McMahon’s coffee on him. At Survivor she became the 2nd. contestant voted out on Day Six after Steve Morris left the day before.

On 2008 she was dating Paul London, but apparently they broke up after Valentines Day, tat same month she won Divas Lingerie Pillow Fight against Maria and Jillian Hall, her last fight was on April, 2008 when she participated at Backlash where she was part of the 12 Diva Tag Team Contest but her team lost. Two months later it was announced that she was released by the WWE. the reason for her departure was due to at that time 7 years old Lexie getting ill and Ashley asked for her released to take care of her; some question about who is the father of her daughter, but until now there is no reliable information about his identity or if in fact he abandoned them.

Not Long after her departure from the WWE Rolling Stone Magazine reported that Ashley was working as an alleged escort girl, she denied those allegations on her MYspace page, but Rolling Stone never backed up those allegations.

In 2009 she hosted some show on E! Wild On, she appeared with Kim Kardashian and Kendra, also last year she received a terrible news when she found out that her brother was mugged and stabbed 12 times in 12 different parts of his body, fortunately after many surgeries he recovered.

As for our girl Ashley Massaro she still is looking freaking hot and we are still keeping our hopes to see her back in the ring someday, What about you? Do you know what else has she been doing lately? Check the photos and video below.

Ashley Massaro PhotoAshley Massaro PlayboyWWE Diva Ashley MassaroWWE Ashley MassaroDiva Ashley Massaro

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Starbux, Dan Jackman

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