Sarah McDowd: ‘Ms. MMA Worldwide’ (Photos)

October 6, 2010

Meet Sarah McDowd, a ‘Maxim Hometown Hottie’ semi-finalist who is surely hotter than any of the girls in my hometown. Find out more about the model below.

Sarah McDowd

I had never heard of Sarah McDowd before stumbling across a gallery of pictures of her while perusing the Internet, and, boy, am I sure glad I did! This chick is hotter than a sweltering summer day in Florida, and I should know I used to live there.

Wowzer! Find a gallery of hot pics here.

Let’s find out some cold hard facts about the bodacious brunette.

As a biography, Sarah McDowd is 24-years-old and currently resides in Orange County, California. She holds the title of “Ms. MMA Worldwide”, and has also done photo shoots for several major brands like No Fear, RockStar Energy, and Affliction. Some of her hobbies include – snowboarding, music, painting and drawing, reading, philanthropy, being creative, learning, meeting new and interesting people, and enjoying life in general. A few of her favorite bands include – Incubus, The Used, Rush, Offspring, Sublime, T.I. Anberlin, Tupac, System of a Down, Jay-Z, Nirvana, among many others. A band that she particularly doesn’t like is U2 (mad props). This girl has it all, brawn, beauty and brains. Just check out some of the books that she has recently read, according to her Myspace page – The Art of War, The God Delusion, The World is Flat, Freakonomics, and The Wealth of Nations. Haha, told you she is a smarty pants! Her heroes – mom and dad…Aww, how sweet!

I believe that McDowd has a long and illustrious career ahead of her. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Click here for even more information, photos, and video.

Check out pictures of Sarah McDowd (click on pics to enlarge) and sexy videos below.

Sarah McDowd 1Sarah McDowd 2Sarah McDowd 3Sarah McDowd

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