Jeanette Lee: Hot Pool Player (Photos, Video)

October 8, 2010

Have you met Jeanette Lee? She is the sexy pool player that people also know as the Black Widow, but she is not really a widow. In fact, she is happily married to another pool player. Who is her husband? Why is her nickname Black Widow? Does she have any children? How did she start playing pool? Keep reading to learn all about this stunning woman plus check out her sexy pictures and video below.

Jeanette Lee

There is absolutely no doubt that if someone is surfing channels and spot Jeanette Lee playing they would stop and end up watching the entire game. Well, it sure is interesting to see a woman playing pool, but if Mrs. Lee Oh-MY-GOD!!!!!!

Jeanette Lee is one of the best pool players in the world, not to mention the hottest. The Bleacherreport brings their readers a list of the top hottest athletes in the world every once in a while. Our girl here is on everyone of them. The ESPN Body Issue features the best and stunning athletes, she is on this year’s issue as well, but I won’t keep you waiting let’s check out her life.

On July 9, 1971 or 39 years ago in Brooklyn, New York Jeanette Lee was born to North Korean Parents. She has a sister named Doris. She grew up in a loving household and everything was meant to be perfect for young Jeanette, who was at the time thirteen years old. But everything changed when she was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to undergo a difficult, delicate and long surgery. She recovered, but until this day medical rods are attached to her back. The same rods that corrected her spine are the same ones that cause her intense pain during the early years of her career where she became the best billiards player there is.

She graduated with honors from high school and planned to study Elementary School and Early Child Development. It was while in college that she discovered pool. Fascinated with the game, she started to learn all there was about it and practiced continuously and tirelessly for hours. Even her back pain couldn’t take her away from pool. Jeanette was 18 at that time, two years later she was becoming a professional pool player.

From 1994 to 1999 she won over 12 WPBA titles (The 1994 Baltimore Billiard Classic was her 1st victory) and was named WPBA Player of the Year, 1997 Player of The Year by Pool & Billiards Magazine and WPBA Sports Person on 1998. In 1999 she also claim the ESPN Tournament of Champions. Two years later she won her gold medal at the World Games.

Jeanette was so good that in no time she was a member of the WPBA or Women’s Professional Billiards Association. By the time she was 22 years old she ranked 10th and 1st the following year. That same year she participated at the Baltimore Billiard Classic where she won her first victory and when she participated at the Twin Cities Classic she claim her first pro title. Billiards Biggest Magazine have chosen her one their Most Powerful People in the Sport for four years (2001, 03, 05, 07).

Aside from pool, she created the Jeanette Lee Foundation, a non profit foundation that raises money for the research of scoliosis, a condition that became unbearable for her on 2005 and had her Metallic rods replace for smaller ones. She collaborates with other associations in the research for scoliosis. Her father John and her mother divorce and he remarried, on 2007 we found out that at age 66 he pass away.

About her personal life, she met her soon to be hubby in 1995. Indianapolis pool player George Breedlove arranged a dinner with fellow pool player, and among them was Jeanette. By the time their meeting came there was just three of them. There was evidently a alot of chemistry between them as friends at first, but it turned rapidly into love. And on Jan. 6, 1996 they got married in her native New York. They live now in Indianapolis with their children, John (their 15 year old adopted son who has been living with them since he was a baby and who became legally under their guardianship three years ago), Cheyenne (their three year old adopted gorgeous daughter) their baby girl Chloe was born on October 1st, 2009. George’s daughters and her stepdaughters are away at college in Indiana.

Almost forgot to tell you the reason behind her nickname “The Black Widow” is not just because she loves to wear black on her competitions, but like the black widow spider who are deadly to their victim, Jeanette Lee is deadly to her opponents, just clarifying something here “she is deadly sexy.”

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Jeanette Lee photoJeanette Lee The Black WidowJeanette Lee picture
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Photos: Tina Paul, Gary James.


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