Serena Williams Bikini Photos (Video)

October 6, 2010

Tennis icon Serena Williams is showing off her new body in a skimpy bikini. Pictures taken from Serena at the beach prove her new lighter physique. Check out the video where you can see Serena bikini pictures and other cool photos below.

Serena Williams

The US Open had a different taste without Serena, but a foot injury set her out of the tournament and off for the entire 2010 season. Serena cut herself with a broken glass at a restaurant in Munich and needed to have surgery. This incident called for a lot of attention and speculation. According to media, it was said that the glass was broken all over the floor of the German restaurant. People wondered why she didn’t sue. Oh well, I guess that is a closed chapter.

The issue about her foot left her out of major tournaments and ESPN just announced that she will miss the entire 2010 season, perhaps for the first time in her professional career, but don’t think that is because she won’t be competing. She will be feeling sorry about herself. That didn’t happen after her breakup with Common either, and just so you know, they might be back together. It was with her famous former on and off boyfriend that she was enjoying the cold waters in Florida.

Which is our main topic today, Serena Williams is looking better each day in her bikini photos taken just a few days ago at the beautiful but perhaps chilly waters of Miami, Florida. This was the scenario where this fantastic athlete showed off her new, slimmer and rockin’ body. Wearing a two piece bikini, Serena turned a few Floridian’s heads. Even Russell Simmons and Common were looking really happy as you can see here. Wait a second Russell Simmons!! I didn’t even know they were friends.

Last March, she was spotted once again at the beach wearing a two piece suit. Her weight loss was visible by that time, her then boyfriend wasn’t with her. (They split up in May). Instead she had a blast with friends. Serena talked about her boobs and massive butt (which I think is fabulous) when she posed for Harper’s Bazaar. She talked about how she wanted to be like her sister Venus to the point that she would go into her closet and put on her clothes, but she got worried when one day she wouldn’t fit, so she tried yoga and pilates. No diet for this hot athlete though–the word diet is not in her vocabulary. Lucky girl!

Pilates and yoga paid off ’cause she is looking insanely hot. Don’t you think so? Do you like her new body? What is your secret to loose some extra pounds? Check the video and some photos below.

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Serena Williams New Body Pictures

Serena Williams New Body in a Bikini Video

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    Frank Lee Says:

    God, that woman is ugly. No matter what she does, she’ll always look like a man – a really ugly one.