Logan Stanton: UFC Octagon Girl (Photos)

October 6, 2010

Meet Logan Stanton, a former Ultimate Fighting Championship Octagon Girl that claims the “UFC really has no loyalty to anyone”. What kind of “shocking” revelation is this? Get the scoop below.

Logan Stanton 1

It’s been a little while since Logan Stanton was employed by the UFC, so she doesn’t have to worry about offending anybody at the Dana White run organization anymore… It’s similar to the time I was fired from Banana Republic for my social views (and shop lifting a s*** ton of shirts) – after you receive that final paycheck, you can announce to the world how your manager, Bob, had the awful habit of peeking into the woman’s dressing room while young ladies were trying on clothes. What a creep!

This has to be the hottest picture of Logan ever! View it here.

As a biography, Logan Stanton could be described best as the “sexy girl next door”. Height: 5’ 10” Weight” 115 lbs. How did she become an Octagon Girl? She won a contest that awarded her the position. By the way Stanton describes her days as an UFC employee, it seems that she was never too keen about the card-toting job. She is a native of Niceville, Florida. One of her favorite foods is chocolate, while her favorite television show is ‘Family Guy’. She began modeling at the age of 18. She currently resides in Miami, but often travels for photo shoots. What does she find as attractive qualities in a guy? A great smile, confidence, intelligence, and a good sense of humor. She describers herself as “a big dork”, and her hobbies include photography, hiking, sports, and being a beach bum. The reason Ultimate Championship Fighting fired her has yet to be disclosed.

Here you will find more photos and information about the bodacious brunette.

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Check out a picture (click on pic to enlarge) and videos featuring Logan Stanton below.

Logan Stanton

Photos: www.wenn.com/Paul Jacobs

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