David Beckham’s Secret Emails Revealed (Photos, Video)

October 6, 2010

David Beckham’s sex scandal continues to be one the most commented about scandals so far. Just recently, a new name was revealed; Shery Shabani. Her husband has now accused her of having sex with Becks. She denies everything. Posh also commented, but now some secret emails allege to prove there was an affair! What were in those emails? Keep reading to learn all about this second woman in the latest sex scandal of the year and check video and Sherri pictures in the links below.

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33 year old Shery Shabani started in the jewelry business like a pro. Back then she known by her maiden name Shery Zarnegin. Her exquisite taste was captivating, her knowledge was admirable, but it was her father’s experience as a diamond manufacturer that got her started. By the time she was thirty she launched her own line Tease. She took some time off to focus on her family, but when the opportunity for her comeback showed up, she did it with style. Her new line was released under her name.

Sherry Shabani married her millionaire Lawyer husband Kambiz aka Joseph 12 years ago. She is also a mother of 10 year old daughter Taylor and son Tye who is 7. Sherri is a famous, talented jewelry designer whose clients are some of the fabulous people in the U.S and Europe including David and Victoria Beckham. Her pieces are priced anywhere from about $1,000 to $6,000 (£630 to £4,000).

In August, her husband accused her of allegedly having an affair with the famous soccer player. He was so annoyed by what he believed was happening with his wife that one day he even ran Beck’s car off the road. Their children attend the same school. After all his craziness Sherri, obtained a retraining order against him.

She talked about the terrible incident with her estranged husband and his cheating allegations, insults in front of their kids, constant verbal abuse and even death threats. But for her husband, the affair was real and he said he has the necessary proof to put her disgrace in the public eye. According to him the proof were emails between David and his wife.

She said that no such emails exist, and called her hubby’s accusations purely false. She was left with no choice but to hire a bodyguard.

“There is absolutely no truth to the rumors regarding my relationship with David Beckham. I consider both David and Victoria friends and wish them all the best.”

For Shery there is way. Posh believes about the alleged affair, adding that Victoria knows he is a lunatic. Her brother in law stood up for her brother and said that she has cheated on by his brother (also a lawyer and partner at their law firm Shabany & Shabany LLP) and that there are emails and text messages to prove it. RadarOnline also has his statement where he describes a different story from the one she told.

For the moment nobody knows what the alleged secret emails said, but according to her rep, the emails contains nothing but pure business affairs.

What do you think of this new allegation regarding David Beckham’s sex scandal? What do you think is on those secret emails? Iĺl say business, you? Check the photos and video below.

David Beckham JewelryShery Shabani JewelryBecks Shabani JewelryBecks Jewelry
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David Beckham & Shery Shabani alleged Affair Video News

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Daniel Deme, Michael Wright.

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