Larissa Riquelme & Cuauhtemoc Blanco Acting Jobs (Photos, Video)

October 6, 2010

La Novia del Mundial (World Cup Girlfriend) and the Mexican fabulous soccer player Cuauhtemocc Blanco will be seen together on Television, they have been selected to act in a Mexican soap and people are starting to talk and give away the most juicy details about it. Let’s find out and check the photos and video below.

Mexican midfielder Cuauhtemoc Blanco is one of Mexico’s dearest, fantastic and best soccer players, his career started with Club America, he made his international debut along with the Mexican National Team that he joined in 1995, he had been in three World Cups (France 98, Korea 2002 and South Africa 2010) becoming the oldest player in South Africa (37 years old). He joined MLS Chicago in 2007, but decided to stay in Mexico in 2009. He is signed with Los Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz aka Veracruz and ultimately with the second tier club Irapuato FC. He announced this Monday on Mexican Television he will start a new adventure in his life as an actor.

25 year old Model from Paraguay Larissa Riquelme made a memorable statement during the World Cup 2010, she was going to run naked if her team won the Cup, famous for her voluptuous body, exotic lips and round derriere she gave her fans a piece of action even though Paraguay lost but posing for Playboy. Larissa will be joining Cuauhtemoc in a steamy romance for the Mexican soap opera “El Triunfo de Amor”(Love’s Triumph) and televised by the Mexican Television Network Televisa, which is the 2nd largest network in Latin America and 1st in Spanish language.

Triunfo de Amor is the third remake of the original Cristal from Venezuela starring Jeannette Rodriguez and Carlos Mata back in 1985, the second was by Mexico in 1998 Privilegio de Amar (Privilege of Loving) with Adela Noriega and Rene Strickler. On October 25 and for 30 minutes only each night at 9:00p.m and for the entire hour until November 8th, Cuauhtemoc and Larissa were thought to be lovers, but later on we heard that she will be giving a special presentation, her busy schedule will just allow her to be in the soap for just one week, one week where she will cause tremendous fights between the leading actor and actress while his character is named Juan Jose a humble man who became his neighborhood’s hero and teaches soccer to local kids. Their characters are not the leading roles, (former RBD singer Maite Perroni and the Cuban actor William Levy will be) but I am sure fans of both of them will be thrilled to see them, even more if it is in a hot scene filled with passionate kisses and a little skin from Larissa will be kindly appreciated.

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In this interview video the soap’s director talked about Larissa’s role.

And For your eyes only the sexy Larissa Riquelme’s Video
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