Karina Petroni: Hot Surfer (Photos, Video)

October 6, 2010

Meet Karina Petroni. She is not just an utterly hot surfer, she is a phenomenal surfer, tireless activist, amazing daughter and an inspiration to many. Read on to know more about this beautiful Surfer and check out her photo and video below.

Karina Petroni’s life began on April 22, 1988 In Panama where her father Gerard Petroni used to work as a sea captain. Before Karina was even born, he became a Panama Canal ships pilot. Her older siblings enjoyed every part of the jungle on the beautiful island of Gatun. The island is quite small, but is filled with the most exotic plants and animals surrounded by the beautiful sea it was like their own private paradise. It was there and along with her dear father who at the early age of two she stared surfing, she would spend her days exploring, fishing and surfing. Her surfing skills improved tremendously, she was competing before she was ten, Karina was having the best time, but all that changed when she was 12 years old and her family decided to moved to the US, even though it was Florida and she could keep on surfing, It was definitely not Panama anymore. She wasn’t even thirteen and Florida knew the new talent in town, so did the entire nation, perhaps her advice column in Surf Girl Magazine helped a lot, but when you saw her surf it was clear how she became so famous.

Her mother Reidunn Bergheim Petroni is from Sweden, a loving, caring and dear friend for Karina, she also has two older brothers Erik, Paul and big sister Sonya. But it was her big bro Erik who is almost 18 years older than she is that became her adventure buddy and surf trainer ever since they lived in Panama then her colleague at their beautiful foundation and manager. Although surfing took her all over the world and training was intense she managed to graduate with honors from High School.

In Surfing she became of the youngest Female/Male to hold an Eastern, National and U.S championship title and she was about to call more attention this time to the fashion business. She has been in over 500 covers like Teen People, Teen Vogue, perhaps one memorable was her amazing pictures on FHM along with three other gorgeous surfers, check that picture here, billboards, campaigns like Sobe, Oakley, Roxy, Pepsi, Casio, Chevrolet and many more. By the time she was 18 she was breaking records from coast to coast all over the world, everybody knew who she was and what an awesome surfer she was and don’t forget hot. There are more pictures of Karina here.

With such an incredible career, the news about her not competing in 2009 shocked us all, why did she decide to do that? We knew that her beloved father had a Brain Aneurysm in 2006, miraculously he got better it was he that inspired her to become the surfing champion she was when Mr. Petroni couldn’t talk but managed to write “Never Quit” on a piece of paper. It was this word that later became the name of her and her family’s foundation. And the reason why she took a break she was ready to help others.

The Never Quit Campaign was merely to spread the message of Health and wellness, the inspiration was her father a healthy man that yet had a stroke who was not likely to survive, but his attitude, determination, healthy habits, the love and support of his family but above all God helped him recover. Prevention, awareness, love, faith and courage were some of the many gifts the campaign gave hundreds of people.

Gerard Petroni died on December 31st, 2009. He was 64 years old. He left a a mark on all the lives he touched, sometimes not even his family could understand how he was able to flash the most authentic and incredible smile after his brain bleed, his continuous prayers, his strength, an amazing men, husband, father and inspiration to Never Quit lives forever in our hearts. Karina Petroni continues to collaborate with the campaign, she has been in several conferences where she touched the lives of many teenagers with her message of living a healthy life away from alcohol, drugs. She has also been collaborating with Oceana, she starred in the 2009 documentary film “Cove”.

Karina is a fantastic, unbelievable sexy, awesome surfer and an wonderful loving, caring woman. Check her photos and videos below. And feel free to give us your comments about this story on the comments box below.

Karina Petroni Amazing Video
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