Eloise Amberger: Australian Synchronized Swimmer (Photos, Video)

October 6, 2010

Synchronized swimmer Eloise Amberger is one of Australia’s sexiest imports, her perfect face and body is turning heads at the Commonwealth Games, and we want to know who really is this stunning Aussie. Let’s learn from her biography and check out Eloise’s photos and her performance video below.

Eloise Amberger, along with her Synchronized fellow swimmer Sarah Bombell (25 years old) is at the XIX Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India. While Australia’s team are definitely considered a strong team, Eloise was among the Olympic team in Beijing where they placed seventh, today at New Delhi she is easily getting a lot of attention and hundreds of Male fans, who can blame her she is Hot.

Her choice in music for their routines is quite interesting I mean 5th Symphony (Beethoven) played by Metallica, should be interesting but what got our attention in the first place is this 23 year old spectacular beauty.

She was born on January 28th, 1987 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia where she still lives. Eloise started swimming when she was 11 soon she became a great state swimmer, she also practiced ballet and gymnastics. Synchronized swimming came by luck to her life when she was about 12 years old and saw it on television.

When she was 15 she made it on the Australian Synchronized Swimming Team, a year later in 2003 she paired up with Sarah Bombell, The next year they became State Duet Champions, Eloise kept her State Solo Champion in 2004 a title that she first won on 2002.

From 2003 to 2005 Eloise and her dear fellow swimmer have been National State Champions (Junior) and in 2006 at the Senior division. They placed 23rd at the Junior World Championships in Russia.

Eloise Amberger posed forRalph Magazinein a skimpy red and black underwear bikini and she also was in Alpha Magazine, but besides being an amazing swimmer and stunning woman, Eloise is also a student at Queensland University of Technology where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Forensics.

Eloise really is a special young lady, a warm, smart, kind, sweet daughter and sister (Brother Joshua a Triathlon athlete in The Australian Olympic Team) a fantastic friend, hard working athlete, with unbelievably beauty will lead her to conquer every battle life takes her. Good Luck Eloise! We think you are Awesome!

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