Hottest Athletes in Bikini (Photos, Video)

October 5, 2010

The world of sports is filled with the most sexiest bodies in the world, they are tanned, muscular, toned, blond, brunette, redhead, And when these athletes are female the temperature definitely starts to rise up, just the way we need it, get ready here are the first series of the hottest athletes all around, check their photos, videos and tell us who is your favorite. Do you think you can handle these sexy ladies? Let’s Begin!

Eloise Amberger

Starting with our sexy water sports athletes, we have synchronized swimmer, Eloise Amberger this Aussie was born on January 28th, 1987 (21 years old) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Eloise first started to do gymnastics and ballet but eventually decided to dip in the pool, And we are so glad about her decision it will be a shame not so see her hot moves from the camera on the bottom of the pool.

Bia and Branca Feres

Don’t worry you are not seeing double, these blondies are twins they are Bia and Branca Feres, they are also synchronized swimmers from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, born on February 22, 1988 (22 years old), there are many utterly hot pictures of the Ferer twins, but their photoshoot for Sports Illustrated is epic, check their video and more sexy pics here.

Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard is what makes California hot, born in Newport Beach on October 29, 1981 (29 years old) Amanda is the sexy Olympic swimmer who has bared it all for Playboy, Sports Illustrated, but the picture that keeps her alive in the world’s wildest fantasies is her photoshoot for PETA.

Stephanie Rice

Next on our list is another Aussie, from beautiful Brisbane, Queensland is Stephanie Rice born on 17 June 1988 (22 years old) she recently posted a quite controversial Tweet that cost her her Jaguar sponsorship, but if you look like her I’m sure she will be forgiven soon.

Federica Pellegrini

Federica Pellegrini from Venice, Italy born on August 5th, 1988 (22 years old) one of the best Olympic Freestyle swimmers, and who can’t forget her sexy nude picture for Vanity Fair last year.

Laure Manaudou

From France comes Laure Manaudou born in Villeurbanne, France on October 9 October 1986 (23 years old) she started competing in 2004 but by 2009 at just 22 years old she announced she was retiring.

Britta Steffen

Britta Steffen is one of Germany’s hottest imports, born in Schwedt, Germany on 16 November 1983 (26 years old) this sexy freestyle Olympic swimmer is considered the fastest woman in the world.

Natalie Coughlin

Another California girl is the utterly sexy swimmer Natalie Coughlin from Vallejo born on August 23, 1982. Her spectacular body has been featured in Fitness Magazine, she has the prettiest smile and in my own personal opinion a classic beauty who also reminds me of Margaux Hemingway.

Karina Petroni

Moving on with our surfer girls comes 22 year old Karina Petroni from the American Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama, she is a professional hot surfer, fashion designer, model and actress well she rocked in the television film The Cove.

Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley from L.A born on February 10, 1987 (23 years old) one of hottest surfers at the Pro Surfers Association and PETA spokesperson.

Anastacia Ashley
Malia Jones

From Loma Linda, California comes sexy Malia Jones born on March 27, 1977 (33 years old). Her exotic beauty is a blend of her Hawaiian, German, British and Filipino heritage that has taken Malia on the covers of Glamour, Shape, Cosmopolitan.

Erica Hosseini

Erica was born in Newport Beach on May 24, 1987 (23 years old) she is an utterly sexy 5’10” surfer and model who started her career ever since she was just 13.

Alana Blanchard

At just 20 years old (B. March 5, 1990) she is considered by many as having the best butt in surfing and one of the best surfers in the world. She comes from the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Dallas Friday

Professional wakeboarding hottie from Orlando, Florida is Dallas Friday born on September 6, 1986 (24 years old), Dallas is an ESPY winner, before she got on her board she used to be a gymnast.

Logan Tom

Our next Hottie might not get in the water, but they sure are looking so sexy in a bikini, Volleyball players are a guilty pleasure we should take a look at. Starting with 29 year old Logan Tom, standing 6’1″ from Napa, California she is one of the hottest volleyball players.

Ana Paula Mancino

Ana Paula is a Brazilian volleyball player, she was born in Sao Paulo on November 21, 1971 (39 Years old). Maybe she is a bit older than all of our other athletes, but she is definitely un-be-lie-va-bly Hot.

Here you go these are the Hottest Athletes all around in Water sports, Who is your favorite? See you at our next series of the Hottest Athletes all around on the Ice.

Photos: David Livingston

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