Bryan Cranston: Saturday Night Live Bust?

October 4, 2010

Is the end coming for “Saturday Night Live”?! Bryan Cranston was the host for the second episode of the season and Kanye West was the musical star, but overall it was somewhat dull. Get a recap, with pictures and videos below.

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The show is on its 36th season and has sure come a long way since the beginning. It did top the rating Saturday night, among not sports shows, but it left many people wanting more. So what went wrong?

About a month ago we heard that the “Breaking Bad” star would host the show after season premiere. Katy Perry took last week’s and it was a pretty good show. Bryan Cranston’s “Saturday Night Live” debut was one that he was really looking forward to.

“I am so thrilled and excited and a little scared. It’s going to be fun. That is huge, huge, huge. I don’t know what’s going on. I think in a past life, I must’ve been greatly mistreated because I don’t know why I’ve been so fortunate in this one.”

From his barbershop musical to the weird 70’s host, he just didn’t seem that entertaining. For some more clips and a picture from the show with a full recap head over here.

I am fan of the Will Farrell, Tina Fey & Jimmy Fallon days of SNL and I am amazed that the show has run as along as it has. I wonder if it is just one of those staples that will never go away, or if it is indeed fizzling out? If the shows continue to be like last night’s I can imagine its popularity will waver.

But those are just some thoughts I had. What do you think about the show’s future? More specifically did you think the Bryan Cranston “Saturday Night Live” episode was good or bad? Leave me your comments on it below after you check out these photos and video.

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Photos:, Joseph Marzullo, Mr Blue, RK

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