Orly Azoulay: Howard Arenstein’s Wife (Photo, Video)

October 5, 2010

Meet Orly Azoulay or if you prefer Orly Katz. She is CBS radio Howard Arenstein’s wife and from October 2nd, 2010 alleged partner in crime in possession of marijuana, but really who is Orly Azoulay?

Orly Azoulay

For some that never heard about her and who became curious about this smoky marriage, we can indeed tell you more about Orly, but first let’s go over the facts of the latest news involving her and her husband.

Orly Azoulay’s husband is not just a CBS radio commentator he also is an award winning Radio Bureau Manager for CBS radio and one hell of commentator which is why he has been awarded twice with the Edward R. Murrow award (2002-2006), the second award was for his amazing coverage of the Washington Nationals first home game, a very respectful man, professional and friend, but when the news about his arrest along with his wife Orly was released, everybody thought there has to be a mistake, sure that would have been a reasonable explanation, but when you get busted for alleged possession of marijuana that is growing in its best splendor in your backyard, a mistake is very unlikely.

Orly Azoulay and her husband received some surprising visitors knocking on their door with a search warrant on Saturday October 2nd. They found eleven 8 ft tall cannabis plants in their backyard along with some more weed that has been already and according to police ready to distribute. Orly and her CBS Radio commentator were arrested and charged with possession with intention to distribute. According to what media said they won’t be spending time in jail, but probably will have to pay a big fat bail.

57 year old Orly Azoulay was born in Israel, she has a dual Israel/ French citizenship. Her journalism career took her to Yedioth Ahronoth who named her bureau chief in Washington where she lives with her husband. Their children are Louis and Leah and Yarden and Shira from a previous relationship. Orly is also the author of “Obama, He Has a Dream” and “ha-Ish she-lo yada le-natseah: Shimon Peres be-malkodet Sizifus” (Hebrew Edition).

Can you tell us a little bit more about Orly? Share all your comments with us and check out the pictures and video below.

Orly Azoulay 1
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Photo: Wikimedia.com/Orly Azoulay

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8 Responses to “Orly Azoulay: Howard Arenstein’s Wife (Photo, Video)”

  1. 1
    SomeoneWhoKnows Says:

    A couple of facts:

    1. You have no clue who Orly Katz is, since the video of the person you put on your website is NOT the person who was accused of drug charges.

    2. The couple does not live with any of the kids you mentioned — that was a complete fabrication — and you should not involve the kids in this.

    In short, you’re an incompetent idiot.

  2. 2
    someonewhoknowsbetterthanyou Says:

    It’s not the same person and legal action will be taken if you do not remove the video and the incorrect reference to “Women, Decode the Law of Attraction”, which *AGAIN*, is authored by a DIFFERENT PERSON who happens to have the same now. Understand?

  3. 3
    Tess Says:

    oh! Come on you guys take it easy
    What was the harm, if it said that the children live there it was assumption CBS was the source that talked the children’s names is just logic that makes you think all live together, besides is easy to be mistaken is two women have the same name are writters and sort of have similar nationatily, all these info is all over ..
    I don’t think you are planning on taking legal action on over 100 Sites?
    Relax, you’ll get wrinkles

  4. 4
    Peaceandlove Says:

    Come on … Tess is right, we are just humans, mistakes are made all the time, there a few people that instead of figthing back recognize their mistakes and fix them.

  5. 5
    Thomas Says:

    Yes guys! chill, info about Katz is all over saying the same things, If the vid was replace then your voice was heard, you should be thankful, not other site will replace somethiing because a reader said ssid so, they all have legal disclaimer.
    And Ron leave Miriam alone, she is hot!

  6. 6
    SomeoneWhoKnows Says:

    Legal disclaimers do not interest me. REMOVE THE NAME OF THE FOUR CHILDREN. Immediately. You already distorted this entire story with absolutely false information, easily verified to be false by anyone. So remove the names of the children right now!

  7. 7
    Bryce Says:

    Why is it so important to you? How is the weather in Cambridge?
    Come on the children’s names is part of her profile and besides I just read their names at CBS, THIS STORY TELLS THE FACT THAT ALL MEDIA COVERED THAT DAY, terrible, shameful but life goes on.
    if that is true and according to all media it is that they had weed, they have to deal with the concequences of their wrong choices, they will get back on track and all will be in the past. I hope their jobs are not in jeopardy both are fantastic.
    I did too found the other Orly, now this one should received legal action, for copying our girl’s name
    Danm! both look alike as well, that’s why I change my name years ago U used to be Tyra Bank but after Tyra Banks emerged and the two of us look scary alike I decided to change it.

  8. 8
    Pistol City Says:

    ARREST# : 031006328
    DT-TM: 01-OCT-10 – 2350
    LOCATION: 3516 T ST NW – PSA: 206
    SEX: F

    3516 T ST NW
    WASHINGTON, DC 20007-2217