UFC 121: Tito Ortiz vs. Matt Hamill Fight (Video)

October 3, 2010

One of the most anticipated bouts on the UFC 121 fight card is Tito Ortiz vs. Matt Hamill. Which of these contenders is the favorite? When will the event take place? Get the answers to those questions and more below.

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First let’s find out how they match up:

Tito Ortiz aka ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Record: 16-7-1 Height: 6’ 3” Weight: 205lbs.

Matt Hamill aka The Hammer Record: 10-2-0 Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 205lbs

Tito Ortiz and Matt Hamill are really good friends, but that won’t stop them from going to war with each other at UFC 121. Yet, this begs the question, should friends be asked to fight each other? From what I’ve gathered from reports, some feel that it is despicable that two friends would be willing to hurt one another for personal gain. Conversely, there are others, like me, UFC President Dana White, and obviously these two fighters, that feel essentially the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a business, the fighters are employees, and they are paid to fight… It’s that simple!

Then again, Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva, two of the best fighters in the organization refuse to fight one another, because they are training partners and also buddies…

This is what Ortiz had to say in regard to the unfortunate situation:

“It sucks, but this is business. UFC made a decision. I was bummed. I love Matt, I think he’s an awesome athlete, and he’s an awesome person, but his time is not now.”

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You can catch these two friends beating the bejesus out of each other on Saturday, October 23, 2010 on Pay-Per-View.

Find Pictures (click on pics to enlarge) and a video of the Tito Ortiz vs. Matt Hamill fight trailer below.

Tito Ortiz 1Tito Ortiz 2Tito Ortiz 3Tito Ortiz 1 2

Photos: www.wenn.com/Chris Connor/Judy Eddy/Niki Nelson

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