Carol Rymer Davis: US Balloonist (Photo, Video)

October 3, 2010

Carol Rymer Davis a veteran hot air balloonist/ Doctor, wife and mother with lifetime full of hours of flight experience, several trophies. She is one of the two US balloonists that went missing since September 29th and found almost three months after, Read about her life, experience and disappearance in our story plus check out Carol’s photo and video below.

Carol Rymer Davis

Dr. Carol Rymer Davis was born on November 28, 1944 in Denver, Colorado is one of the best radiologists who specializes in reading mammograms. She works at her radiology clinic in Colorado, she is 65 years old. Carol is also a well achieved balloonist who according to people close to Carol and her long time flight partner Richard Abruzzo love the sport so much they wouldn’t mind to spend a couple of hundreds in it.

Carol became the first woman in winning the Gordon Bennett race when she and Abruzzo won in France in 2004. Her world records in duration, altitude and distance in balloon flights are remarkable. Her 37 year career as a hot air balloon pilot started in 1973. Well actually 1971 when she sold her car to buy the first balloon she flew with her husband. In 1974 she participated at the US National Championships.

In 1975 Carol Rymer Davis became a member of the jury at the 2nd world championships and a member of the Balloon Federation of America in 1976. She achieved her own personal World Record AX-5 Altitude (25,000) in 1978 and 31,300 in 1979, World record AX-5 in Duration (6h 34) and 1AX-5 Distance (143 miles, this same year she was USA Team’s crew chief). During this time Dr. Rymer Davis was also head of the Nuclear Medicine Department at Lovelace Medical Center.

In 1981 her achievements in ballooning were awarded with the Diplome Montgolfier. From 1982 to 1986 she became an instructor at the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association Ground School, member of the Gas Balloon Committee and Hot Air Balloon Events for the Balloon Federation of America.

From 1987 to 1996 she was a member of the Balloon Federation of America she collaborated as a secretary, Treasurer, Master Crew and ultimately Vice President.

She won the second place at the 1st Ladies Cup in Japan in 1990 and 5th in 1991 and 8th in 1992, 4th at the New Mexico State Hot Air in 1991. 2nd place at the Colorado Balloon Club Championships in 1993 and 4th at the America Challenge Hot Air Balloon day in 1995. Leslie Davids was her co-pilot when she flew from Albuquerque to Lisbon and then Ohio settling a World Record AA-6 to AA-15 in duration and distance.

In 1996 flying with Abruzzo when they finished 2nd at the Gordon Bennett and also 2nd at the New Mexico State Championships on 1997 and once again at the Gordon Bennett on 2000. These are some of her achievements, but in September she joined her dear friend and co Pilot Abruzzo at the 54th Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race in Great Britain.

Although weather conditions were not optimal everything seemed to be going fine, but all that changed when on Wednesday while they were flying over the Adriatic Sea and contact was lost. Their balloon was well equipped for any circumstance.

Apparently and based upon the last communication they sent was they were in the middle of a thunderstorm flying at 5,300 feet and descending slowly, but then it was heard the descent was now rapidly, some experts said that it looked like they experienced some unexpected failures.

Search for Carol and her co-pilot are being done by sea and earth with the collaboration of the Italian and US government. We will keep you posted on this matter.

“May the wind welcome you with softness. May the sun blessed you with its warm hands. May you fly so high and so well that God joins you with laughter and sets you back into the Loving arms of mother earth”. Balloonist Prayer.

Back in 2005 Carol and her dear co-pilot flying at the Gordon Bennett crashed, check that story here.

On December 6th it was released the news that the bodies of Dr. Davis and Mr. Abruzzo were found still in their basket by a group of fishermans about 11 miles (17 kilometers) north of Vieste (12 miles from shore and six miles from the last location), their bodies were still in the suits, but in a pretty bad shape, documents found inside confirmed their identity, more examinations will be done to determine their cause of their crash and death.

“The trawler put out its nets just after midnight. When they pulled up, the entire balloon came up, including the basket with two corpses inside. They probably got tied up in the basket. Otherwise it’s practically impossible for the two bodies to have stayed inside.” said Giancarlo Salvemini Official at Manfredonia, Italy.

Mrs. Davis was married to John C. Davis IV since 1968, together they were the parents of two gorgeous daughters, Our deepest thought and prayers go out to them. Would you like to send a message about Carol Rymer and Abruzzo’s disappearance? Check out the photos and video below.

Carol Rymer Davis 1
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Carol Rymer Davis Video
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2 Responses to “Carol Rymer Davis: US Balloonist (Photo, Video)”

  1. 1
    Kathleen Says:

    Carol was an amazing woman with the warmest sense for graceful personal strength of anyone I ever met. She taught me how to fly hot air balloons in Albuquerque in the early 70’s and her family was rich with love and support that I’m sure continues to this day. She was an unwavering champion at fulfilling her goals as a mother, naturalist, sportsman, balloonist, and medical professional with a clear uplifting intelligence that extended to most everything she had contact with. I truly admired Carol from the moment I first met her and will greatly miss her.

  2. 2
    ROBY Says:

    Carol and richard are dead , today on the adriatic sea