Hong Su Jong: Korean Underage Gymnast (Photos, Video)

October 4, 2010

North Korean Gymnast Hong Su Jong adds herself to the list of gymnasts that are under investigation for lying about their age. How old is Hong Su Jong? What is that about three birthdates? Would her titles and medals be revoked? Some say her real birthdate was in 1989, but others said it was 1986 and who was born in 1989, allegedly her little sister. Let’s find out all about this age troubled gymnast from her biography and let’s see one of her amazing performance videos. The gymnasts in theses pictures are not Hong Su Jong, but they sure are doing some terrific routines, check those out as well.


When the International Gymnastics Federation saw something really weird going on on the North Korean Gymnast team, they started to dig deeper and found out what was really going on with Korea’s Hong Su Jong, three different birthdates have been given from 2004 to 2007, maybe she was underage in the first competition, but she sure wasn’t in the following, why lie? I mean we women lie about our age, but this is ridiculous!

Normally when we hear about a gymnast lying about her or his age it is because they are underage, but their team and its staff are absolutely sure the gymnast has all it takes to win medals, well everything but the right age to compete, a gymnast must be 16 years old so what do they do? They allegedly lie, falsification of passports or any document that would reveal the gymnast’s real age. They were right the gymnast leaves the competition with a grand collection of medals around their necks, points added to their team and honor to their country.

But that achievement can be easily and shamefully removed when investigations find out their star gymnast was not legible to compete or win, their faults are exposed to the world, and their honor ends up being tainted for life. This is the case of Hong Su Jong who when she competed at the 2004 Athens Olympics from August 13-29 said her birthdate was March 9, 1985 making her 19 years old. According to media, reports she was really born on March 9, 1989 so she was 14. Hong didn’t win any medals. Same birthdate at the 2006 World Championships.

She said her birthdate was on March 9, 1986 at the 2007 World Championships making her 21 years old, when in fact she was 18, more than enough to compete legally. The Gymnatics Federation requested Hong Su Jong and North Korea an explanation for these three different birthdates.

Hong Su Jong’s real birthdate is a total mystery, since while media said her birthdate was on March 9, 1989 I found others that said her real birthdate is March 9, 1986, later when searching for her young sister Hong Un Jong who according to this report is the one whose birthdate is March 9, 1989. According to their files at the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique both have the same birthdate, Could they be twins? Haven’t found any record that they are.

Like her young sister she was born in Hamgyong in North Korea, she is part of the Pyongyang Sports Club her coach is Choe Kyong Hui. On more recent update it was revealed that North Korea was not allowed to send any gymnast to London 2012 as part of their two year suspension for year falsification for the second time, the first was when Kim Gwang Suk was listed as a fifth-teen year old gymnast competed three years in a row back on 1993. North Korea has 21 days to appeal they were also fined with $20.000.

It is really strange indeed right? What are your comments about this story? Check out the photos and video below.

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Hong Su Jong Video

Photos: www.wenn.com

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